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As we saw on RAW this week, Corey Graves brought it to the attention of RAW General Manager Kurt Angle that someone is calling him an embarrassment. When I saw this, I have the feeling that Stephanie McMahon may be behind this. While I am tired of this same act, I would not be surprised if this leads to an eventual match between Kurt Angle and Stephanie’s husband, Triple H. It has been reported for some time that the WWE may be planning on having these two superstars clash. My only thing that I am trying to figure out is when would it be the clash. Since the seeds are now being planted for something to happen with Angle, I wouldn’t be surprised to see this match happen at Summerslam or Survivor Series. Wrestlemania 34 was the rumored event that these two were going to fight. In my opinion, WWE is planting the seeds earlier due to ratings being low. Since there has been no sight of the WWE Universal Champion Brock Lesnar, the ratings for RAW have been going downhill. I would not be surprised if WWE decided to get the ball rolling on a Kurt Angle scandal story line with the end result being Triple H and Angle having a match. If this happens to be the direction going for WWE to have a match between Hunter and Kurt Angle, the story line pretty much writes itself. For a couple of weeks, there are mentions of someone having material to blackmail the Raw General Manager. Then I could see around the middle of June to the start of July that Stephanie McMahon returns to TV. When she returns, you see her cutting a promo on Kurt Angle that since he was brought in ratings have gone down hill. After they go back and forth for a few minutes, you hear Triple H’s music hit and he comes out. At this point, Triple H is basically telling Angle that they were wrong in bringing him in as the GM. This would then lead to Kurt telling Triple H that he wants to have a match at Summerslam.Where the winner gets full control of RAW.

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