Things got so bad in the Diva’s division that there were really only 3 contenders for the title, and how many times can you have Paige lose to Nikki Bella? The funny thing is, it is ANOTHER Diva that has caused a lot of the problems, and she is not even wrestling for the company anymore.

That’s right, AJ Lee, former Diva’s Champion and current wife of CM Punk is causing a lot of the issues the Divas have right now, and that’s more because of the stubbornness and stupidity of the WWE more than anything else.

You see, Lee currently holds the record for most consecutive days holding the Diva’s title. But because of how she left the company, and because she is married to WWE arch-enemy CM Punk, the WWE wants to erase Lee’s name from the record books. The only way to do that is to have someone break the record … Well, Nikki Bella is now just about 60 days or so from surpassing Lee. So Nikki Bella is “protected” by the powers that be, until she surpasses Lee. Obviously nobody in the company wants fans or outsiders to know this, but not only is it obvious, it was also confirmed to me by someone in the know in the WWE.

That means, Nikki Bella will continue to find ways to win and maintain her title until around the end of September. That is when we can expect, to quote one of my favorite announcers of all time Jim Ross, “Business to pick up”.

In the meantime, Stephanie McMahon trying to capitalize on the success of the U.S. Womens Soccer Team and on Serena Williams continued dominance, did the right thing and called up 3 of the Divas from NXT. These Divas will not only add spice and competition to the division, but they will also put on some incredible matches. I don’t mean just incredible matches for Divas, I mean incredible matches for anyone. Sasha Banks and Becky Lynch have already put on one match in NXT that better get Match of the Year consideration.

So now Banks, Lynch and Charlotte (daughter of Rick Flair), are all a part of the main roster. For some reason they thought that factions were needed, and they teamed Becky Lynch and Charlotte with Paige and Sasha Banks with Tamina and Naomi.

Now there are 3 factions of Diva’s with 3 Divas in each faction. It has set up a great Triple Threat Match at Battleground AND it led to not 1 but 2 very solid Divas matches on the RAW following Battleground.

So now the issue becomes making the Divas title mean something. Right now it is a pretty butterfly belt, but it doesn’t really mean anything. So how do they make it take on added importance?

Well first and foremost they need to make it coveted, and they are starting along that path. By adding the 3 NXT women. Here’s what they need to do next … Take the 8 Divas in that group that AREN’T the Champ and have a tournament to figure out who will face Nikki Bella at Summer Slam. The Match-ups could play out on RAW leading up to the Pay-per-View. Here’s an example of how it would look:


Brie Defeats Tamina

Sasha Defeats Paige

Naomi Defeats Becky

Charlotte Defeats Alicia Fox

ROUND 2 (Semi-Finals):

Brie Defeats Sasha

Charlotte Defeats Naomi


Brie vs Charlotte

That way the WWE can either make it Sister vs Sister for the Title OR Rick Flair’s Daughter vs Nikki and Flair could play a role in it to make it bigger for Summer Slam.

That’s the way to add some importance to the Belt and give the Diva’s a chance to shine. WWE is on the right track, but they CAN NOT afford to lose this momentum.


So I made the some predictions heading into Battleground and while one of them, probably the biggest one, came to fruition.

Yes the Undertaker did make an appearance at Battleground as I predicted, but so far the rest of the prediction has failed to materialize.

Yes the Summer Slam Main Event will be Brock Lesnar vs The Undertaker, but so far Seth Rollins opponent has not been picked. So my Triple H vs Rollins prediction, along with a Shield reunification can and probably will still happen. It will just depend on WHEN WWE decides to do it.

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  1. Its good they finally called people up but they should have given Emma a chance first (and arguably Natalya). They are both doomed now which is rediculous. The problem i have is that Stephanie hi-jacked the Paige vs Bellas feud to do it. Now they are pushing the NXT women at the expense of the original story and forgetting/almost burying Paige (whose crusade for change started this and who is the leader of Team Paige) in the process.

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