WWE: It is the right move to have Mauro Ranallo on NXT

It seems that NXT will be getting a new voice. There were reports coming out yesterday that Mauro Ranallo has a new job within the WWE. It was announced that he will be the new commentator for NXT. However, it is interesting to see if this means that Tom Phillips is now full time with Smackdown or Percy Watson is being removed from the NXT announcing table. Ranallo, who was
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WWE Rumors: If Road Dogg had his way we would see Bobby Roode, Asuka, and AOP on Smackdown

It seems that Road Dogg wants to have some of the top NXT talents get brought up to Smackdown Live. Roadd Dogg, who's real is Brian James, appeared recently on X-Pac's 12360 Podcast and talked about several topics. Since Brian James is one of the lead people on Smackdown, X-Pac asked him about seeing superstars like Asuka and Bobby Roode on Smackdown. He actually wants all four NXT Champions on
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WWE: Four superstars who could vie for the NXT title

As we saw last weekend, Bobby Roode retained the NXT title over Hideo Itami. While Itami will probably get one more crack at it, I can not see these two feuding that much longer. So it got me thinking as to who could possibly feud with Bobby Roode for the NXT title heading into this summer. Here are  four superstars who could be getting a shot at the NXT title:
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WWE: Top Rumors and Storylines Heading Into Summerslam

As the WWE gears up for Summerslam, their second biggest show of the year, things begin to heat up. The show will have a Wrestlemania feel to it because it is now 4 hours and will have a mixture of celebrities involved as well.  Here are some of the latest rumors and notes to keep in mind as we head down the home stretch to slam! Rumors are running rampant