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WWE: Top Rumors and Storylines Heading Into Summerslam

As the WWE gears up for Summerslam, their second biggest show of the year, things begin to heat up. The show will have a Wrestlemania feel to it because it is now 4 hours and will have a mixture of celebrities involved as well.  Here are some of the latest rumors and notes to keep in mind as we head down the home stretch to slam! Rumors are running rampant
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WWE: Women’s Division Set To Capitalize On Rise In Female Athletics

Women's wrestling has been suffering for years. There hasn't been a generational talent in the sport since Trish Stratus left the WWE in the mid 2000's. That's not the fault of the women though, as WWE has failed to market good female talent for years, and have instead turned their attention to supermodels and less experienced female wrestlers. However, the tides might be turning as women's wrestling might be on