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WWE Raw: It makes little sense to leave Kalisto out

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A lot of things don’t make sense when it comes to professional wrestling. We all know the events are scripted, but sometimes bad booking and storytelling can lead to disastrous results. Something that the WWE might want to fix is its use of Kalisto, as he’s going to fade away on the Smackdown Live roster.

With WWE RAW being the home of the cruiserweights, it makes all the sense in the world to have Kalisto a part of that. For some reason, WWE feels the need to place him on Smackdown. It’s a move that makes little sense because Kalisto is arguably the best cruiserweight on the roster.

Many associate cruiserweight wrestling with the art of Lucha Libre. And while it’s not the only form of wrestling linked to the cruiserweight, it’s the most common. That goes back to the days of WCW when you had wrestlers such as Rey Mysterio, La Parka, Juventued Guerrera, and Psychosis leading the charge. Kalisto falls in that same family of wrestlers.

The WWE believes that Hunico, better known as the fake Sin Cara, is the luchador who should be placed on the RAW brand. He’s a similar wrestler to Kalisto regarding ring work, but Kalisto is such a better worker. We all know that the real Sin Cara failed to impress in WWE, so it makes perfect sense to leave Kalisto off the cruiserweight show for a Sin Cara imposter.

The success of the Cruiserweight Classic has given the WWE a whole smorgasbord of talent to choose from. But to leave out who is arguably your best cruiserweight is utterly ludicrous. Kalisto is the closest thing to Rey Mysterio that WWE has. He can carry the flag for the cruiserweight division on RAW, but instead, he becomes a forgotten piece of the Smackdown roster.

It’s probably best to see how this all plays out. WWE did give Kalisto a U.S. title run earlier in the year, and maybe they have bigger plans for him in the future. But nothing seems right if the best and most marketable cruiserweight is left off the flagship show. Sin Cara might be the one Vince McMahon wants to push, but we’ll just chalk that up to bad booking.

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