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WWE Rumors: Sasha Banks taken off live events due to injury

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Sasha Banks was reportedly suspended after she lost the Woman’s title to Charlotte during Summerslam. However, it appears the WWE was removed from live events for the next month of so due to injury rather than according to Pro Wrestling Sheet.

It was noted earlier this evening after her match that Sasha Banks was removed from WWE live events through the middle of September after unexpectedly losing her title. According to PW Insider, this was in the works for approximately about a week or so and was supposedly done because Sasha needs some time off to recover from nagging injuries.

To kill the rumors that were going around was that she will not be suspended and was not injured during her match. It is simply that she needs to recover from injuries. Until I hear something from WWE of an official word, I would not throw that away. She is expected to be back on September 23rd for a house show in Illinois.

I was one of the first people to say that it was a suspension, and I am still sticking to that. This may be a ploy by WWE to tell the insiders one thing and then drop the news tomorrow during the day. I hope it’s not a suspension for Sasha Banks because like I said in my previous piece, it will be a huge blow for the WWE and the woman’s division. But with how WWE has been going as of lately with handing out suspensions to other WWE stars like Alberto Del Rio, Paige, and Eva Marie.

I would not make too much on this until WWE makes some statement on the situation because all that is going to happen is just rumors that range from her being injured to being suspended. Until we get more information, I would just stay all things on the level. It will be interesting to see if she misses any time what happens and does we see Bayley on RAW, or maybe they push Nia Jax, which wouldn’t make sense because she is a heel.

Stay tuned to Inscriber Magazine as more updates come in about Banks’ availability on the circuit.

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