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Denver Broncos: Best decision to have Mark Sanchez start

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The Denver Broncos could be playing with fire in regards to their starting QB situation. The Broncos will enter Week 3 of the preseason against the Los Angeles Rams with inexperienced signal caller Trevor Siemian as their starter for what is billed as the regular season dress rehearsal. Sanchez will come in relief, possibly in the second half, but does this move signal the end of the competition? quarterback

I hope not; that would mean the end to the Broncos season before it gets started.

Broncos fans, you don’t have to love Sanchez. Hell, you don’t even have to like him as your QB, but the Broncos are built to win NOW and placing their Super Bowl hopes on a player that hasn’t thrown in a real live regular situation heading into this season where there are expectations is not the answer.

Maybe the team is having flashbacks of 2015 Peyton Manning, but without Manning would they have a ring now? If the Broncos are serious about a division title, playoffs, and championship then benching Siemian is the only logical solution, but if they are looking towards the future, not caring about wins/losses then yes he deserves to start.

But this is John Elway we’re talking, 2x Super Bowl winning QB, face of the franchise in more ways than one and a person who will do whatever it takes to win, again. You think he’s looking forward to having an inexperienced QB lead 21 other veteran players on a march towards greatness?

The Broncos best option is Sanchez, to be honest, he’s the ONLY option. Let’s get the butt fumble jokes out the way and let’s focus on his body of work.

This is still the same Sanchez that led the New York Jets to two straight AFC Championships, granted that was about 6-7 years ago, but injuries and backup duties have stripped him of another opportunity. He landed with the Philadelphia Eagles in 2014 and put up some respectful numbers while filling in for the injured Nick Foles in Chip Kelly’s offense. But the Eagles missed the playoffs, not due to the play of Sanchez but because the Eagles defense was as soft as a baby’s butt.

The Broncos have everything a QB like Sanchez could need. They have Pro Bowl receivers, two good RB’s, a solid offensive line and possibly the NFL’s best defense. But yet, many are still calling for what can be considered a rookie to lead this team. Preseason stats do matter but for a player like Sanchez, it shouldn’t, but Sanchez has still outplayed the young Siemian.

The Broncos should make their decision as early as next week after the game against the Rams. What it all boils down to is who gives the team a better chance at success in 2016? Some will look at the young kid and give him the nod, especially if he does well against the Rams. Others will give it to Sanchez based on where the team is at and his experience. If I were the HC, the decision would be easy, Sanchez.

I heard grumblings that if Sanchez is named starter he could be pulled by Week 4 if he struggles, but what happens if you name Siemian the starter, and he struggles the same? The Broncos have no choice but to start the season off with the vet, and if the struggles occur then make the switch, but you do not open a Super Bowl possible season with an unproven player while a capable vet sits on the bench, that’s backwards, that’s Houston Texans football there.

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