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WWE: Seth Rollins is not reckless

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Coming off Summerslam from Brooklyn, New York saw Finn Balor become the 1st WWE universal champion for RAW as he battled Seth Rollins. However, he reign would not last that long as it was reported a few hours before RAW would go on air the next night that Finn would need to give up the title due to suffering an injury to his shoulder from Seth Rollins. Here is the moment when the injury occurred through the official WWE Twitter account:


Since that happened, it seems there has been a split among some former WWE stars. On one side you have former WWE superstar and legend Bret Hart who has gone on record to saying that Seth Rollins is reckless with some of his moves and could eventually kill someone. On the other side, you have former WWE star and now daily radio host Tazz who are saying he was not reckless.

I have seen both times where Seth Rollins has used his buckle bomb towards Finn Balor at Summerslam and Sting at Night of Champions last September. Both times I don’t feel Seth Rollins was reckless at all. Injuries are a part of the sport and are bound to happen. If a person does not want to get injured, then don’t join wrestling. In that case, you should live in a bubble.

I find it ridiculous when someone gets injured during a WWE match or a wrestling match, and they blame the other person. Any sport or thing you do where to contact is involved you are bound to get some injury possibly. It sucks what happened to Finn Balor being that it happened to him as soon as he got called up from NXT, but to blame Seth Rollins is not the way to go about it.

Seth Rollins is not a reckless wrestler and is just doing what he is getting paid to do, and that would be wrestle. As CM Punk said during an in-ring segment a few years back, “This is professional wrestling, not ballet.”

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