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December 11, 2015

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Written by LaShawn Encarnacion aka The Dark Knight of Sports

With the ratings of the WWE flagship program, Monday Night Raw, continuing to plummet, lowest in companies history. The WWE December pay-per-view known as Tables, Ladders and Chairs (T.L.C.) is looking to regain some of its lost viewers. A number of feuds leading up to the hardcore event has led to some interesting story-lines. So its time for the WWE TLC preview.

Triple-Threat Ladder Match for WWE Tag Team Titles

The New Day (Champions) vs The Usos vs The Lucha Dragons:

With the constant exposure that the New Day have been receiving on mainstream programming, it is no surprise that they are expected to retain. The Usos since coming back together have been on a mission of revenge against the New Day. Meanwhile the Lucha Dragons are an up-and-coming high flying team that has scored some major victories, including a non-title victory against the New Day themselves. There are no pin-falls and no submissions. The only way to win this match is to be the team that climbs the ladder and gains possession of the tag team championships that will be hung 15-feet high above the ring.

Tables Elimination Match

The Wyatt Family vs ECW Originals

Arguably the best mic person in the WWE today, Bray Wyatt leads his stable into what is considering to be the most extreme match since the Monday Night Wars when ECW was its own brand. Speaking of ECW, on the other side are some of the founding members of ECW. Tommy Dreamer, Rhyno and the Dudley Boyz. The object of the match is for one team to put the entire opposing team through tables. This will make for some interesting match-ups during the match. Starts with 4-on-4 but could very well end up 4-on-1 as every person on one team will get put through a table.

Chairs match for the United States Championship

Alberto Del Rio (Champion) vs Jack Swagger:

With the re-signing of Del Rio to a hefty contract, the WWE creative people have not quite been able to figure out how to use the character. The “Mex-America” gimmick was a complete flop and Del Rio is now apart of the “League of Nations” gimmick lef by the WWE Champion Sheamus. Swagger is a mid-level contract who has high enough status to get this level of opportunity. The only thing here is that there is a possibility of a certain “BEAST” to return to begin a feud with Del Rio. This “BEAST” has already been advertised on future events against Del Rio (multiple sources confirmed). The chairs match can only be won via pin-fall or submission.

Divas Championship

Charlotte (Champion) vs Paige:

When Nikki Bella was relieved of her championship, it was believed that the Divas division would be in good hands moving forward. However the story-lines have been a little stale and difficult to follow. The development of Charlotte as a face was not quite fitting and over the last several weeks there has been signs of a heel turn with the assist from her father, the dirtiest player in the game, Ric Flair. Paige has already completely her heel turn so that leaves more questions than answers to this match. IS Becky Lynch the face here or are those “We Want Sasha” chants that are heard at every event making impossible for WWE management to ignore them?

Intercontinential Championship

Kevin Owens (Champion) vs Dean Ambrose:

If there was ever going to be a push for Dean Ambrose, that time would be now. His reputation with the WWE Universe is at an all-time high in a WWE that is in need of star potential that connects with the fans. K.O. can connect with the fans on the other side as arguably the best heel the WWE has had since Chris Jericho. No better in ring performer AND on the mic like Kevin Owens in the WWE today. With this being a regular match, expect lots of high flying hard hitting action. Does have the potential of stealing the show.

Ryback vs Rusev:

This is one of those match-ups that most consider a “filler” for time and shows. Nothing real precedent with this other than the story-line angle that Ryback has purposely hurt Lana and its revenge for Rusev. As previously stated, nothing of real importance with this match other than a filler.

WWE World Heavyweight Championship Match

Sheamus (Champion) vs Roman Reigns:

When Sheamus cashed in his contract for a WWE Title shot at Survivor Series, it took just 5:15 to get the job done and his hand raised as the NEW World Heavyweight Champion. It is no secret that there are still some within WWE management that feel that Reigns is not ready to carry the flag of the WWE on a regular basis. With the obvious “factions” developing in recent story-lines, the rumor of a SHIELD reunion once Seth Rollins is healthy is becoming a more logical option. In the end, this pay-per-view is entitled “Tables, Ladders and Chairs” for a reason. This match ends when one competitor climbs the ladder and obtains possession of the championship hung 15-feet high above the ring. The ONE difference is anything goes, use of chairs and putting your opponent through tables is highly encouraged … and ladders of course.

As previously stated about ratings in recent weeks, this event can make or break the momentum to finish the year while preparing for the coming 2016 January event known as the Royal Rumble. It has become much more difficult to do so when your top money people are either out with injury, out for personal reasons OR being kept out on purpose. WWE may be the #1 choice for sports entertainment but other organizations are quickly gaining ground as WWE is falling into their laps.

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