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WWE: Undertaker set to return to Smackdown Live


November 3, 2016

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We are on the cusp of seeing a WWE legend make a return to WWE programming in the next few weeks.

It was first reported by the venue itself and later confirmed by several wrestling sources, the Undertaker will be returning to WWE for the 900th episode of Smackdown Live. It is the final show before Survivor Series, so it is not known if this is just a one-time deal or if we will be seeing him more often. If this is not a one-time deal due to it being the 900th episode, then he will be a part of the Smackdown Live brand.

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The last time Undertaker was seen on TV was back at Wrestlemania 32 when he had his match against a returning Shane McMahon. There were reports coming out Post Wrestlemania that Undertaker had retired from in-ring competition. Again, it is unknown if this is a one- time thing or if he will have more presence. Just to play some fantasy booking, I would have him come out on the Smackdown episode and announce that Wrestlemania 33 will be his final one and that he has put the years into this industry, but enough is enough. Then have the suspension be built for months as to who the last opponent will be. Then after the Royal Rumble is done and you are fully getting ready for Wrestlemania 33, you can have it announced that it will be John Cena.

I know there are WWE fans who hate that idea, but let me explain why that makes sense for both sides. If you have an NXT superstar facing Undertaker and somehow beats Undertaker, then you will see many people within the WWE universe complain. While it ‘d be good to have Undertaker put over someone from NXT, you want Undertaker to win in his final Wrestlemania match.

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Also if you go with someone like John Cena, then you could also possibly turn him heel. I don’t figure they will, but if they do, then this would be the right moment to do it.

Undertaker returns to WWE Smackdown on November 15, 2016 for the 900th episode, and Survivor Series is a few days later. It should be interesting to see how it all plays out.

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