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Impractical Jokers live stream: Nitro Circus Spectacular Live

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Impractical Jokers is going live for their season five finale! Make sure you tune in tonight for the Live Nitro Circus Spectacular, which will see the four jokers go through a four-part obstacle course, plus one of the Jokers getting punished. Motorcyclist Travis Pastrana will host the show.

For the obstacle challenge, fans have the opportunity to give one of the Jokers a leg up. The Joker who receives the most votes will get to pick the order for going through the obstacle course, much like they did in a previous live finale when they walked a tightrope. You can place your vote on Twitter by using the hashtags #MURRSCHOICE, #JOESCHOICE, #SALSCHOICE, and #QSCHOICE.

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On top of that one of the Jokers will also be facing punishment. Similar to the previous vote, fans have the chance to vote who gets punished as well. Head to Twitter and use the hashtags #PUNISHMURR, #PUNISHJOE, #PUNISHSAL, and #PUNISHQ. Last time results were released, Sal was in line to be the “winner,” with 34 percent of the vote.

The event is being held at the Prudential Center in Newark, New Jersey. Be sure to tune in as it is set to be a night of fun and laughter. Seeing the guys on motorcycles and RVs is sure to be interesting, with wipeouts extremely likely. Anytime the guys do a live special it is worth the watch, and this should be about two hours of pure joy. And you can watch live from wherever you are, even if you are not in front of the television!

Here is where you can watch the live Impractical Jokers season five finale, Nitro Circus Spectacular live stream on Thursday night.

Date: Thursday, November 3rd
Start Time: 8:00 p.m. (EST)
Episode: Impractical Jokers Live: Nitro Circus Spectacular
Live Stream: TruTV

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