Nowadays you can find many methods in terms of making money from the internet. One of those popular alternatives of it is an online slot game.

It is a gambling game that you can play on the internet. The thing that makes slot game so popular is it is easy to play. You do not need strategical skills like when you play card or board gambling games. Likewise, you can play a couple of times in one go, without having to wait like sports betting. Therefore, you can find many players from young to old who still love playing this type of online gambling game. Besides, from the player’s perspective, the online slot game is low risk and can be very lucrative consecutively. Hence many players prefer to invest in slot games, especially when they know about a game camp like us, the SLOTXO AUTO camp that can generate real profits for its players.

In recent years, you can find that many camps provide several types of online games to keep their popularity among gamblers. It is proven to attract new players. Instead of having a conventional online slot game with “pull the lever” gameplay. Here in the SLOTXO AUTO game camp, you can find many online slot games. With colorful effects and interesting gameplay features, you can pick your favorite slot game from 200 slot game alternatives that we offer.


In XOSLOT camp, we have 200 slot game choices for you that make us considered as the top camp for slot games. However, you do not have to worry about which one you should choose. We have listed several games for you, especially for new gamblers that may be confused about which slot games they should invest in. Let us take a look at some of our slot games recommended for beginners:

  • A Night Out

This slot game has a setting on a bar at night time. You find yourself is surrounded by five beautiful women. All you need to do is to treat these women with a drink in order to acquire the reward. A Night Out has 25 draw lines in total, and you only have to spend 2 baht for the minimum bet.

  • Money Vault

As for this slot game, it offers 50 prize draw lines, and you can play it with only 1 baht for its minimum bet. In playing Many Vault, you have to take part in an attempt to acquire valuable items like silver, gold, and diamond. Also, you can open a vault that compiles numerous rewards. 

  • Roma

Like its name, the gameplay setting for this slot game is on the Colosseum, where you find several gladiators fighting with each other. You can receive a big reward on the Collpseum Arena by fighting against a lion.  For this slot game, we provide 15 draw lines in total, and you can play it for 1.5 baht.

  • Lucky Panda

Suppose that you love a cute panda that loves eating bamboo all the time, this is the slot game for you. The gameplay is simple too, you just have to roll the panda to win your prize. For this slot game, we provide 243 prize draw lines and you can play it with only 3 baht. 

  • Phoenix 888

Another animal themed slot game in our camp is Phoenix 888. You can receive the rewards from the wings of this legendary bird. This slot game has 10 prize draw lines in total that you can play with 1 baht as the minimum bet.  

These five games are recommended for new gamblers due to their relatively easy jackpot prizes. If, for some reason, you may find that none of these five slot games on the above list is into your style. XO SLOT Camp still has 195 other slot games with its unique theme and gameplay that can suits your style the most.

slotxo download pc

In terms of accessibility, we provide the best support not only for slot game options but for your access. You can play our slot games anywhere you want as long as you are connected to the internet. In particular, if you want to play it from your personal PC. We do not want you to have any limitations in regards to making money online. Therefore, we in XO SLOT Camp support any device that you have from PC to smartphone. So you can have unlimited access to playing your favorite slot games and increase your profit.

slotxo เล่นผ่านเว็บ (slotxo play on the web)

Since we want you to have no boundaries in playing your เกมสล็อต, you can use any browsers for slotxo เล่นผ่านเว็บ (slotxo play on the web). You can directly go to our trustworthy service provider website to access our, signing in with your username and password, and then you can immediately playing your slot games.

For new gamblers, you have to click the Register button at our Homepage, fill in some required information, input the security code. Afterward, you have to read the terms and conditions in detail and give the checklist to accept the conditions box. Then, our system will process your application, and you just have to log in with the username and password that you set previously. Finally, you are ready to earn money by playing our online slot games.

Also, we provide a free trial of SLOTXO as a new channel on our slot games camp. It is precisely for beginners who want to know more about the online slot games that we have. In doing so, you can have the advantage to understand the gameplay, functions, and regulations about a particular slot game so you can compete fairly later on. Besides, players who utilize our trial mode will be granted SLOTXO credit that you can accumulate and exchange for real money when it reached a specific amount of credit. Based on those statements, our SLOTXO free trial channel can assist new players by providing an actual preparation that can be very beneficial before participating in the real game to acquire your real money.


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