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10 Great Ways to Update Your Style for Summer

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Summer is the perfect time to think about updating your style.

You don’t need to worry about keeping warm or layering; everyone is trying something new and you might even be going on holiday, away from everyone you know and your usual routine.

If you are thinking about ringing the changes with your style ready to hit the beach this summer, here are 10 easy ways to do it.

Hair Style: Most of us get bored of our hairstyle from time to time. But, we’re often scared to make big changes as it can be a long-term commitment. However, changing your hairstyle is a super easy way to change your whole look and reinvent yourself. For a small change, switch your parting to the other side or add bangs. If you are feeling more daring, try one of this season’s hottest trends like the super straight and sleek look or a choppy bob.

Hair Color: Hair color is another thing we get bored of and more of us than ever are dying our locks. If you don’t fancy paying salon prices try a home kit. DIY hair dyes are better than ever so don’t worry about damaging your hair, just be sure to read the instructions carefully and do a skin test before you start.

Paint Your Nails: Painting your nails is such a small and simple change, yet it can make you feel more confident, refresh your look and add some color. Nail art is becoming more popular, but old favorites such as pastel shades or bold reds are still trendy.

Accessorize: Accessories are a brilliant way to change your style without committing to a new wardrobe or any serious style changes. Bags, shoes, belts, and jewelry are all fantastic ways to accessorize, even if you are on a budget.

Swimwear: There are so many options when it comes to swimwear nowadays. From bikinis and tankinis to full costumes or a high neck halter bikini. Whatever your style, size or shape there is bound to be something that flatters your figures and boosts your confidence. Choosing swimwear for a trip to the beach or vacation abroad is a big decision, so why not make it easier and get a few different styles.

Be Bold: Do you stick to the same style because you’re comfortable? The same shapes and patterns because you know what suits you? Well, your body changes all the time. What suited you last year won’t necessarily suit you this year. Be bold and try some pieces you’d never normally wear. Printed trousers are very popular and great for traveling.

Color: Many of us stick to the same colors as well as styles and shapes. Often black or navy. If your wardrobe is full of similar colors and shades, why not try something totally different. Try wearing some lighter colors over summer. It’ll help cool you down, look great, and highlight your skin tone beautifully.

Makeup: Makeup is another area where we tend to stick to what we know. This is only sensible when you’ve got a busy routine and you don’t have long in the morning to get ready. However, when you’re on holiday or having a day out at the beach, you might have a little more time to get ready.

So, try some new colors and styles. Using different color eyeliner, or changing the shape, can make your whole face look different with very little effort. YouTube is an excellent place to go for tutorials and tips.

Look After Yourself: The very best way to update your look is to start taking better care of yourself. Some of the best ways to do this include:

· Eating a healthy and balanced diet

· Drinking lots of water

· Avoiding alcohol

· Moisturizing

· Avoiding sugar

· Exercising

· Getting plenty of sleep

These things will all make sure you look healthy, strong, confident, happy, and give you glowing, youthful skin all year around.

Change Your Brows: Do you ever look at photos of yourself from a few years ago or when you were a lot younger and think “oh my goodness look at my eyebrows?” Your eyebrows are a huge focal point on your face and one of the first things people notice when they meet you. Why not make an impression with a thicker brow, which is very fashionable this season? Alternatively, just make a subtle change or have them tinted to draw attention to your eyes and give your face a whole new look.

If you’re stuck in a routine when it comes to style and fashion, use this summer as your chance to make some changes. Be bold, be daring, and be confident. Whatever you don’t like, change it back.

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