There are two magic words in the world, whose value people often ignore: thank you and sorry. When someone does something nice for you, however small, it is always good to send them a proper thank you note. So what do you do when someone sends you a gift, for instance, at your wedding? Traditionally, it is prudent to send them a thank you wedding card. You may be thinking that this a new era, and times have changed. With Facebook and all social media, you can add some emoji, and your message is done.
Today, it is very easy just to call someone and tell them you appreciate their efforts. Sending an mail can be done from your phone with ease. Well, we cannot deny the conveniences of technology. It has made things easy for the whole world. But that should not be an excuse to create a heartfelt handwritten thank you note on paper. Perhaps you think this is such a small thing.
Well, its not. A perfectly designed custom printed thank you cards will carry a more significant message of appreciation than anything else. The effort you will have gone through to print and send signals your most genuine intention to the recipient.
Apart from this, here are ten reasons you must make a handwritten gesture of appreciation.
That is the right thing to do
You will never feel comfortable knowing someone attended your wedding, even if they never brought your gifts, but you forgot to thank them. It always feels right.
A thank you wedding card can boost your CV
Have you been looking for a job and not successful yet? Yet a thank you note can make you appear sensible enough for job consideration. You can even get that scholarship you have been hunting for.
It separates you from the rest
In a world where technology has taken over, you will be different if you dont just send a text message. The recipient probably has tones of emails in the inboxes and cannot open more. But a physical card is a magic worker. If you’re sure about taking action and delivering that letter, these examples of when to send thank you cards will come in handy to make even a greater difference.
It is suitable for your brain
There have been several studies that prove gratitude has health benefits. It reduces aches and pains.
It makes other people feel good
You may have no idea, but a thank you wedding card will make someones day. It is heartwarming to receive a handwritten note among junks of mail.
It helps you reflect on the value of gratitude
Sending a thank-you note helps one think about the time and energy someone else put in doing something for them.
For keepsake
It is easier for someone to keep a card than an email. So sending a card will help them remember you longer than they do through a text.
It is cultural
Human culture has been diminishing through technological advancement. A physical thank you note restores such values. Custom printed thank you cards show deep thoughtfulness. When you take time to design and print a thank you card, it shows the other person how thoughtful you are about them. 
It lets the other person know you received their gift 
Well, there is no better way to tell someone you received whatever the send than through a thank you card. Give it your best efforts, and they will feel happy.  


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