Favorite Art Projects

When you’re ready to let your creativity run free, art is the perfect channel. It’s one of the few areas where everyone is able to join in, from beginner to expert. 

No matter how skilled you are, you put your own spin on every project you work on. There’s no right or wrong way to do it, and the end result only has to please you.

Ready to try some art projects and get your creative juices flowing? These 11 favorites are must-dos ASAP!

1. A Photo Collage

Memories are the most treasured things we have. Most of us want to display our cherished pictures, but frames take up a lot of room. With a photo collage, you have a way to put a lot of pictures in one spot creatively.

Photo collages can be done like a scrapbook or online. Get creative and turn them into letters that personalize the pictures, or stick with the tried-and-true rectangular canvas. It’s artwork, so it’s your call!

2. Painted Rocks

Who knew that the “pet rock” phase of our childhood was going to turn into a legitimate modern art project? Painted rocks are an easy, popular way to decorate a special keepsake or give a gift. 

But more than that, these simple, inexpensive pieces of art have turned into a movement. Painted rock scavenger hunts are a worldwide activity. They began as a way to spread kindness and hope from a small group of people. 

Now, communities all over the world have joined in, and you never know where you might find an inspirational painted rock!

3. Balloon Garlands

Have you ever been to an event where part of the decoration was a fancy balloon arch or artwork? They don’t look like they’d be too hard to make, but they actually take a lot of skill.

Balloon garlands come in handy any time you have a party. Knowing how to put them together can save you a lot of money, and you might even be able to make some side cash if you’re good at it!

4. Decorative Wreaths

Up until recently, wreaths were rarely seen outside of the Christmas season. Today, they’re a staple on the door of homes everywhere.

You can buy them in stores or learn how to DIY. Decorative wreaths are a fun art project that can be personalized any way you want them. Change them up for holidays, make them a gift, or show off your favorite patterns or sports team.

5. Watercolor Lettering

Sending “thank you” and “thinking of you” cards is a lost art, but it’s a kind touch that’s appreciated by the recipient. Greeting cards are expensive today, so why not make your own?

Learning how to use watercolor lettering to design a card or make your own decor is fun and simple. As long as you have the right paint and paper, the rest is up to your imagination. This article by RileyStreet shows you how to choose the proper art supplies for your watercolor project.

6. Calligraphy

Handwriting from past centuries has its own beauty to it. Sadly, calligraphy is rarely used today. 

Learning how to write with calligraphy opens the door to so many uses for it. When you add this style of writing to your artwork and decor, the end result is elegant, timeless lettering.

7. Mod Podge Photos

Mod podge has been around for centuries, but it’s only recently become a regular DIY art style. A favorite thing to mod podge is a photograph since it can be added to almost any material.

Transfer your photo to wood, canvas, glass, and most surfaces easily with a few supplies. Once you learn the skill, you’ll be hooked. Mod podging furniture could be your next goal!

8. Decorative Frames

Creating a photo gallery in your home is a fun way to show off your favorite photos, but the frames can get expensive. Why not make your own frames that enhance the theme of your pictures?

For example, these Disney frames add the perfect touch to your family trip to the theme park. Whatever your preferences are, there’s a DIY frame you can make for it!

9. Bulletin Boards

Using wall space as a way to declutter your desk or keep your family organized is a smart idea. Basic cork bulletin boards are boring, though. 

Make your own fabric or cork organizer to match your home decor with these tips. It’s fun and efficient!

10. Denim Embroidery

Designer denim clothing costs hundreds of dollars. While “bedazzling” is no longer a thing, embroidering your own artwork on your jacket or jeans is trendy.

Turn your plain denim clothes into colorful works of art by learning how to embroider. Who knows? You might even get some special requests from your friends!

11. Essential Oil Candles

Candles are an excellent way to change the atmosphere in a room and add a sweet fragrance. But many of them have unhealthy toxins you breathe in as the candle burns.

Making your own candles limits the chemicals in each one. You choose the scent with essential oils, and you have a toxin-free, all-natural candle.


Art doesn’t have to require a class and hundreds of dollars of supplies. With a little time and a spark of creativity, you can try these 11 fun projects today!

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