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My 1st and Possibly Last 2017 NFL Mock Draft


March 13, 2017

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Many of my readers have been asking me to do a 2017 NFL Mock Draft, and to be honest, it is so unpredictable. There are a million ideas and a million thoughts. I can’t possibly know the exact positional needs for every team after free agency. But anyway to satisfy the hearts of my readers, here’s my 1st stab at this.


  1. Cleveland Browns – Myles Garrett DE – I just don’t think the Browns can get this one wrong and IF they don’t choose Garrett, they won’t be able to deal with repercussions
  2. San Francisco 49ers – Marshon Lattimore CB – He’s just an all-around stud and he will be a valuable piece to their young defense. I think 49ers likely will trade down, though.
  3. Chicago Bears – Jamal Adams S – Young, physical and versatile. Adams will give the Bears a defensive presence they desperately need.
  4. Jacksonville Jaguars – Solomon Thomas DT – Typical Tom Coughlin adding a proven pass rusher to their defensive line.
  5. Tennessee Titans– Jon Allen DT – Titans add the surest thing in this draft next to Reuben Foster.
  6. New York Jets – Leonard Fournette RB – Jets need some excitement and toughness on offense. Fournette would give them that.
  7. Los Angeles Chargers – Corey Davis WR – Gives Philip Rivers the number one receiver he needs to make a playoff push this year.
  8. Carolina Panthers – Teez Tabor CB – Panthers secondary struggled mightily. Tabor gives them a physical, ball-hawking presence in their secondary.
  9. Cincinnati Bengals – Sidney Jones CB – Bengals secondary is getting old, Sidney Jones gives them possibly the best pure cover guy in this draft.
  10. Buffalo Bills – Mike Williams WR – Give them a piece for Tyrod Taylor to succeed.
  11. New Orleans Saints – Reuben Foster MLB – Saints draft presence on the inside they need.
  12. Cleveland Browns – Deshaun Watson QB – I totally buy all the rumors that Hue Jackson loves Watson.
  13. Arizona Cardinals – Patrick Mahomes QB – This is a reach, but I know they want a QB for the future. They can have the patience for Mahomes, would be the perfect match.
  14. Indianapolis Colts – Derek Barnett DE – Colts needs help on defense, Barnett is best defensive player on board
  15. Philadelphia Eagles – John Ross WR – Eagles desperately need WR help, Ross would be a versatile and explosive playmaker they haven’t had since Desean Jackson.
  16. Baltimore Ravens – Malik Hooker S – Ravens get their defensive single high ball hawk they haven’t had since Ed Reed.
  17. Washington Redskins – Mitch Trubisky QB – Will he fall this low? Probably not, but I think the Redskins need an answer at QB with Cousins possibly leaving.
  18. Tennessee Titans – Garrett Bolles T – Potential blindside pass protector for Marcus Mariota. Needs continued improvement on that offensive line.
  19. Tampa Bay Buccaneers – Haason Reddick DE – Reddick will give the Bucs an explosive edge rusher they need as they continue to retool their defense.
  20. Denver Broncos – Forrest Lamp OG – Lamp is arguably the best offensive lineman in this draft. He can play multiple positions and will greatly improve Broncos offensive line immediately.
  21. Detroit Lions – OJ Howard TE – Howard will be what the Lions thought they had with Ebron.
  22. Miami Dolphins – David Njoku TE – This is the obvious fit. Njoku’s upside is through the roof. He will help Tannehill continue to improve on his good season last year.
  23. New York Giants – Taco Charlton DE – Gives the Giants their new Justin Tuck.
  24. Oakland Raiders – Fabian Moreau CB – Raiders need help badly in their secondary. Moreau is young and hungry and would fit perfect.
  25. Houston Texans – Ryan Ramczyk T – Perfect RT to dominate and maul in the run game, exactly what the Texans need.
  26. Seattle Seahawks – Tak McKinley DE/LB – Pete Carroll will find a role for McKinley in his scheme.
  27. Kansas City Chiefs – Alvin Kamara RB – Chiefs going in a new direction without Jamaal Charles. Kamara gives them a new kind of player and another explosive player for Andy Reid on offense.[Sean2]
  28. Dallas Cowboys – Charles Harris DE – This just makes too much sense. Harris gives the Cowboys the RDE they’ve desperately need.
  29. Green Bay Packers – Zach Cunningham OLB – Packers defense needs more speed and young, and Cunningham gives them exactly that.
  30. Pittsburgh Steelers – DeShone Kizer QB – Big Ben has been making hints that he is nearing retirement, Kizer would give them something for the future. Plus, he could use the time to learn behind Big Ben. He’s a perfect Steelers QB, big and strong and can handle the Pittsburgh weather.
  31. Atlanta Falcons – Caleb Brantley DT – Falcons needed another presence on the inside of their defense to attack the pocket. Brantley will be an explosive 3 tech, perfect for their system.
  32. New England Patriots – Christian McCaffrey RB – This just seems too obvious. Versatile, explosive and ridiculously intelligent, exactly what Belichick wants on offense.


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