The Washington Wizards have come to that tipping point every sports team faces. Do you give a max contract to a player who is a rising star or risk losing him with nothing in return?

Shooting guard Bradley Beal is the player in question and he is seeking a max deal and is convinced he is worth it. Beal is right he does deserve to get paid he has worked hard to make it to the NBA, and be one of the leagues up and comers. The Wizards also have a right as any business does to look long and hard at all the factors before committing serious money to Beal.

Let’s take a look at the stats shall we:

  • 2012-13 13.9 points per game and he played 56 games
  • 2013-14: 17.1 points per game and he played 73 games
  • 2014-15: 15.3 points per game and he played 63 games
  • 2015-16: 17.4 points per game and he played 55 games

As a team trying to be a factor in the east can the Wizards risk shelling out upwards of $23 million? Since joining the team he has had an assortment of injures and will he ever shake the bad luck?

Compared to another up and coming star CJ McCollum, he has higher stats then Beal in every category except rebounds. And he played 80 games this season. Being on the court matters, no one wins a title by sitting on the bench ask Derrick Rose. When ON the court he and John Wall are a terror on the court and so much fun to watch.

Beal opens things up in the post for the bigs and his defense will have to improve.

The new TV deal for the NBA is going to make margin players get a borderline star money. No one can fault the players for that this is how they pay the bills, and if the money is there take it. But teams can still decide what type of player fits their system and who to spend money on. No doubt Beal will get paid the questions are will it be with the Wizards. And will he ever be able to live up to the contract, the line of players with injury history that got paid and didn’t pan out is long.

At only 23 the past setbacks are not a death sentence Steph Curry, John Wall all where banged up their first couple of seasons. Look at them now and the lost seasons are not brought up. Come July 1, its game on and we will see how this works itself out. New coach and expectations to get back to the playoffs the Wizards need to make a move fast, but will it be the right one.

Stay tuned.

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