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2016 NFL Draft: DB Eli Apple can’t cook, so he can’t be a first-rounder?

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Ohio State cornerback Eli Apple is known as a talented cornerback. He’s projected to be a first-round pick even. He’s mostly been tied to the Steelers for their exceptional need at the position, and he is a quality prospect.

Via Milwaukee Journal Sentinel’s Bob McGinn’s report: “Third-year sophomore from Voorhees, N.J. ‘He got beat probably more than you want but he’s got tremendous upside,” said one scout. ‘He is too young (20) to be coming out but he is so you’ve got to project what he’s going to be. I think he’s going to be a pretty high-level starter.’ Started 27 games, finishing with 86 tackles (7 ½ for loss), 4 picks and 18 PBUs.”

Those are his positives and they should be enough to make any scout happy. Except for the scout who thinks that he’s a liability because he can’t cook.

“Some there (OSU) were worried he wouldn’t break 4.6 and then popped the (4.39),” said the scout. “They were surprised he ran that well. I worry about him because of off-the-field issues. The kid has no life skills. At all. Can’t cook. Just a baby. He’s not first round for me. He scares me to death.”

Gosh that sounds like a lot of early 20-year-olds who have to eat Ramen or buy food from a cafeteria.

Apple is 6’ 1/2, and weighs 202. Obviously nutrition, like with any athlete, is going to be a factor.

But the thing is that it’s going to be more about the amount and what he eats that will form his body or not. That’s why they have strength and conditioning coaches who work with the players. Or they can hire a professional nutritionist.

Or in Apple’s case, he can talk to dad. Apple’s mom, a writer at survivinamerica.com had this to say via Twitter: “We dont respond to anonymous people & things. They’re not real to us. What’s real is this amazing dream our son is living rite now.” Then she followed up with this revelation tweet. “Btw, Eli’s dad is a retired five star chef. We eat well. So stop playing with our name. Next time you say our name, put some respeck on it.”

AH! Well that explains a lot and I’m sure dad can teach his son to cook macaroni.

Obviously, the idea that “cooking” can disqualify a player when there are stories of players as dumb as rocks still managing to make success of themselves. Here are more legitimate reasons to question Apple.

“He probably has as much talent as anybody but he, like a lot of those Ohio State guys, is inconsistent,’ said a third scout. ‘He squats, and receivers run by him. He’s more in catch-up mode than reaction mode. He bothers me a little bit.’”

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