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The Golden State Warriors are champions once again.  It’s time to relive the most important play that led to the four game sweep of the Cleveland Cavaliers.

It’s game three. Golden State and Cleveland are locked in a tight game.  The Warriors have the 2-0 series lead and are up one late in the fourth quarter. Andre Iguodala hit with an earlier foul for being too aggressive didn’t let that faze him. He saw Kevin Love rolling to the hoop with the basketball and he stripped the ball away from him.

He secured the basketball and got the ball ahead to Draymond Green in transition. Which allowed for Stephen Curry to create enough space from the defending George Hill and knock down his only three pointer of the game. A four point lead gave Golden State some breathing room.

That three will get remembered. Kevin Durant’s long three as the shot clock wound down was his signature moment of the Finals and what won him the Finals MVP. Still that doesn’t happen if Iguodala doesn’t instinctively steal the basketball from Love.

After the game three win Iguodala also got shown giving Curry some words of encouragement after his poor shooting night.

Iguodala also did his best impression of Klay Thompson who wound up on the bench early with foul trouble. He hit several threes in the first half.  Veteran David West also played a pivotal role as mentor in the third as Klay rushed a shot that Steve Kerr was less than thrilled with.

West came over to said a few words got a nod from  Klay who eventually ended up with 10 points in the third quarter. Those are the types of examples of what the Warriors are known for. Doing the little things necessary to win and in some cases will not always show up in the box score.

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