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2018 NFL Draft: Is Chukwuma Okorafor Worth A Mid Round Pick (VIDEO)

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ARLINGTON- The American Conference can develop surprisingly good NFL prospects for every team to evaluate.The MAC’s top prospect is offensive lineman Chukwuma Okorafor out of Western Michigan.

Okorafor has the size to be an elite lineman with his 6-5 , 336 pound frame. After assessing the game film,  it is clear that he possesses the blocking strength necessary to keep NFL defenders from quarterbacks and running backs. He has the thick, bulky frame that is required to take on defenders. He is surprisingly quick on his feet.

The big challenge for Okorafor is identifying who to block   He occasionally stands around wondering who to block.  Coaches need to work with him on developing better awareness. This weakness will be exploited at the next level . He also struggles in zone blocking schemes which will allow defenders to consistently tackle running backs . He also needs to work on hand techniques. He doesn’t always get his hands up in time to block defenders.

He needs to work on getting better leverage. His instincts are questionable at times. According to NFL.com, scouts say Okarafor is not the big and nasty lineman that he needs to be. He is going to be a real project. It’s no secret that Okorafor needs top-level coaching in order to be an immediate starter.

Will Okorafor get selected in the first three rounds?  With all of weaknesses,  a third round selection is not likely . A fourth round projection is more realistic than an early round prediction. Once he gets experience in the pre-season, he should start to understand what he needs to improve. When Okarafor develops better instincts and more tenacity, every quarterback will want him on the offensive line. Once he improves his techniques and grit, Okarafor will become an elite offensive lineman. The Botswana native is primed to be one of the greatest offensive lineman ever. It will take several years and a lot of patience to maximize his potential.



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