The Golden State Warriors took care of business against the Memphis Grizzlies tonight in game three of the conference semifinals. Yet what happened after the game is what is being addressed.

Ja Morant in a now deleted tweet wrote “broke the code.” This was in reference to what Warriors head coach Steve Kerr said about the flagrant two foul from Dillon Brooks that injured Gary Payton II. A number of doctors have quickly taken to Twitter to explain the play and that it was not possible for the injury to have occured.

Now injuries are frustrating especially in the playoffs. So it is understandable that is how Morant felt immediately after the game. It was even better that he realized his mistake of tweeting what he did and then deleted it. He is only 22-years-old, maturity will definitely come.

What is not acceptable is the behavior of Grizzlies head coach Taylor Jenkins. Who seemingly believes that it was a malicious act by Jordan Poole and even mention that he was likely to get general manager and executive vice president Zach Kleiman involved to have the NBA look at what happened.

Fortunately there is absolutely nothing to see on that front. Still Jenkins throwing around accusations showcases his immaturity as a young coach. If he truly wanted to know what Morant actually hurt his knee, it was much earlier than the aforementioned play involving Poole. It was actually on a close out on a shot by Klay Thompson at the beginning of the third quarter.

Now on the Poole play, the two first appeared to have bumped knees and then there was slight hand contact on said knee, yet there was no grab. What aggravated the injury is obvious. For those who have yet to see the plays here are the clips.

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