This article is for all the escape room owners out there.

When a customer visits your website for the first time, what do you imagine they do?

Your website’s text, description, and reviews are not the problem. They browse through your gallery tab for photographs of the rooms, themes, and so on.

Many of you will probably think that how the images of your escape rooms can affect your business.

But let me tell you, the perfect photos can make or break a customer’s choice on whether or not to book an escape room with you.

This is why a well-chosen photo, combined with a relevant and compelling description, can persuade a potential customer to pick your escape room above others.

Here are some of the things, if you are an Escape Room owner should ponder upon.

Photos of your regular clients enjoying a good time

It assists your new customers in visualising themselves in that setting. Take pictures of your clients gazing around the room, looking for hints, and so on.

You can even have your players dress up in themed costumes and interact with props or other players. This allows visitors to envision the atmosphere within the room, which gives them a sense of excitement.

Photos are visual representations that draw the attention of the person seeing them.

Don’t forget to highlight the players who were the most active and involved inside the room. The players’ confidence is boosted as a result of this.

For example, the Escape Revolution Escape Rooms in LA has done a good job of capturing the reactions of their consumers inside their escape room. Similarly, in images of their players, Escape 2 Win VA have recorded real reactions.

Real, high-quality photographs within the escape room

As the escape room market expands and advances, the quality of decorations and presentation is improving, and taking photos with your phone will most likely not be enough. To gain the client’s trust, invest in high-quality photos.

You may believe that displaying your genuine decorations to the gamers will “ruin the surprise” or “destroy the mystery.” I completely disagree.

Even a non-revealing snapshot of a minor design item with a connection to the room’s history will look better than a stock photo.

A random image will not leave a lasting impression on the viewer, and it will also appear unauthentic.

Photos must elicit an emotional response

We all make decisions depending on our feelings, isn’t it?.

The ideal escape room images should create an emotional response in the spectator, resulting in increased views and reservations.

The easiest emotions to target are fear, excitement, laughter, and astonishment. A tale must be told through the photos.

If you have an appealing set design, shooting a high-quality photograph may be sufficient.

The goal isn’t always to market products, but rather to elicit a reaction from someone who enters your escape room, which is the ultimate goal of the entertainment industry.

To wrap off this article, I’d want to point out that presentation is the most important factor in raising your company’s conversion rate.

Get the correct photos and use them to promote your business on your website and other channels.

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