Maybe you’ve hit a particular point in your life where you’ve achieved all of the early goals you’ve set for yourself, only to find, with horror, that you are unsatisfied and maybe even depressed with the state of your life.

Maybe you’ve tried for years to achieve a particular waypoint in life, only to fail to do so, and this has left you with an inferiority complex and the terrible suspicion that there’s something wrong with you.

Life can be tough, and it can certainly be unpredictable. What we thought we wanted one day can turn out to be unfulfilling, goals and targets can be missed, and our entire sense of self can crumble in a moment.

When you find yourself in these situations, you need to take a deep breath, pause, and work to reconnect with yourself. You need to get your mindset right to discover the life of your dreams.

Here are some tips for doing that.

Turn past hardships into strength

Life can traumatise us at times, and those traumas have the power to destroy us if we let them. Often, though, can transmute our traumas into something positive and productive over time.

If you’re a military veteran, for example, you may well carry both mental and physical scars. But you can use the discipline from your military days to run a business like clockwork. You can seek out business loans for veterans and start a company which caters to people like you.

You can even use your experiences and hardships to relate to other veterans and help them to readjust to society.

Listen to your inner voice and heed its opinions. Judge yourself by your character, not by external factors

There’s a time and a place for driving ourselves on, no matter how we feel. If, for example, you’ve committed to doing a certain project at work, and the deadline is looming, and you really don’t want to do it, you should force yourself through to get it done.

When you’re back home, however, you should pause and get in touch with your inner voice. Really listen to what it has to say. Does it yearn for a different path in life? Can you take steps to move in that direction, even if the first step is as small as writing down a description of your ideal day?

Don’t judge yourself by external factors in life — not by your job title or your bank account. Judge yourself by the simple question; “am I becoming more the kind of person I want to be, each day?”

Your character is the key.

Stay the course — make decisions quickly and adjust them slowly

In life, it often pays to be decisive At times, your decisiveness will put you in the wrong place, or on the wrong course, but you won’t know that for sure until you’ve gone a little way down the road.

Make decisions quickly and adjust and change them as needs be, but don’t change them on a dime. Adjust them slowly, correcting bit by bit.

Maybe you were on the wrong path, but maybe it only needed a small tweak to be the right path. Constantly be adjusting your course, but be cautious about throwing the baby out with the bathwater.

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