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NFL: 3 Reasons The Cowboys Will Not Win The NFC East

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When you think of the NFC East you usually think of the Dallas Cowboys. They are the so-called “America’s Team.”

2015 was considered an off-season for the Cowboys. The loss of Tony Romo and an inept defense was to blame. Will 2016 be more successful? Many say it will be because they have a healthy Tony Romo and this supposed new-found running game. Will this lead to a NFC East title in 2016?

Many say yes! I will give you 3 reasons why the Cowboys will not win the NFC East in 2016.

1. Jerry Jones. Why is Jerry Jones a reason they will not win? The answer is simple. He sticks his nose into everything that is going wrong with the team. If you do not trust your coaching staff, then why did you hire them? Jones will try to push players back from injury too early, such as he did Romo in 2015. Jerry Jones is a big reason the Cowboys have what they have. However, he is also a big reason they fail.

2. Tony Romo. Yes, Romo is a good QB. He has some of the best passing stats in the game when healthy. However, he is often injured and rarely plays a full season. In fact, going into his 13th season as an NFL QB, Romo has only started all 16 games in 4 of those seasons. The back up quarterback situation is nothing to write home about. Unless Romo can stay healthy the Cowboys offense is in trouble.

3. Defense. In 2015 the Dallas defense ranked 16th in points and 17th in yards. These rankings are surprising seeing how often they were on the field. 2016 could become worse. They have 3 players who will suspended. 2 of those, are their top 2 pass rushers (DE DeMarcus Lawrence and DE Randy Gregory), will be eating Cheetos with Tom Brady for the first 4 weeks of the season. The other suspended player, LB Rolando McClain, will be sitting much longer. Their best DB,Orlando Scandrick, is coming back for a sever knee injury. It is not certain if he will be ready for week 1. Without a pass rush, the weak secondary will be even more exposed. This is going to put pressure on the offense to stay on the field for longer drives. If they are unsuccessful this will just add to an ailing defense.

Many of the experts see the Dallas Cowboys as the team to beat in the NFC East for 2016. If they can solve these 3 problem areas they will most certainly be in the running. However, if any one of these get in the way their season could be as long as 2015. Keep your heads up Cowboy fans, the season is not here yet. You still have a chance. Everyone is 0-0.

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