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As a business owner, you’re always looking for ways to improve communication with your customers. After all, understanding your target market is key to making a profit. If you’re not sure that your current outreach programs are effective, try shaking up your communications systems in these three ways.

1. Invest in a Virtual Assistant

Running a small business means that you perform a bizarre amount of tasks every day. Because you can’t do everything, answering your phone is probably the first task that you let slip. However, every phone call presents an opportunity to land your new biggest client. To avoid missing important calls, invest in a virtual assistant, or a system from a company such as Ninja Number that answers your phone calls, handles transfers, and takes messages for you. Most virtual assistants are available as apps today, and you can customize them to incorporate your company’s name and brand.

One way to further expand your customer outreach is to get creative with your virtual assistant’s voicemail greetings. You don’t want to be so cheeky that you offend someone or make people think you’re not serious, but it’s good to make your customers laugh. It gives them something to talk about when you return their call, and it makes your voicemail stand out from the other companies your clients have called. If your brand has a catchphrase, similar to Chik-fil-A’s “My pleasure,” consider incorporating that into your voicemail greetings.

2. Expand Your Social Media Presence

Almost every business has social media accounts, but chances are that you’re not maximizing these tools’ communication services. For your Facebook account, start holding Facebook Live broadcasts in which you and your employees talk about your products and take questions from your followers. Consider establishing a group for your page, which creates a forum for customers to share their experiences and ask for tips. On your main page, hold surveys regularly in which you ask customers to vote on their favorite products. Don’t be afraid to ask joke questions that are relevant to your brand.

On your Instagram account, you have even more opportunities to communicate with your followers, especially if your target market is composed of Millennials or Generation Z. Host Instagram Live calls similar to your Facebook Live sessions, and post “ask us anything” questions on your story. Establish a day for trivia related to your company or industry, and run the questions on your story. Monitor your direct messages and respond to any DMs as soon as possible. Encourage your followers to tag you in pictures, and post them on your story if appropriate. If you have accounts on TikTok and other video-related media, post your videos on your Instagram account as reels.

Because the majority of your customers have social media, these platforms are key for improving your communications with clients. If you’re overwhelmed by these suggestions, consider hiring a social media coordinator to handle photo contests, DMs, and comments.

3. Use Your Email List Wisely

Many customers are hesitant to give out their email addresses because they don’t want their inboxes to be full of spam. As a result, you must use the email addresses that you have wisely. To avoid having your messages filtered as spam or lost in a stream of promotions, send out one email a week. Include information about upcoming sales, links to your new blog posts, and social media details. Try to include news of real value every week, such as a spotlight on one of your employees or an update about new products. Engage with your email list by asking readers to fill out a Google Form or SurveyMonkey request. Maintain a light and engaging tone, and keep your message as succinct as possible without sacrificing content.

As you cultivate a high-quality newsletter, don’t forget to expand your mailing list. Continue to ask customers for their emails at the cash register, and require that they input their addresses for online orders. If you’re struggling to get enough email addresses, consider running a promotion in which everyone who signs up for your mailing list is entered into sweepstakes.

By following these three tips, you improve your communication with your customers and increase your chances of landing a big sale.

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