We always need jackets with our outfits to complete the look. Jackets are not necessarily for cold weather. You can wear a jacket as a style or a cover-up or even to protect your skin against the dangerous rays of the sun. Jackets give your outfit a modern chic, elegant or sophisticated look without taking away its cultural aspect.

Fill your wardrobe with these jackets for a more modern and stylish look!

Denim jacket

The denim jacket is a western trend that has been adopted in India. It is a leading fashion trend among the youth. The denim jacket makes any outfit look cool and youthful. Denim is flexible; you can wear this jacket in any kind of weather. It protects your skin from the scorching sun as well as keeping you warm in a cool winter. Denim jackets never grow old. You don’t have to buy other jacket when this one gets old. When it washes out, you can style it up into a different design. You can fade it to create a faded look or have a professional dye it to make it new again.

Here are common denim jacket styles in India

Most people like the denim on denim trend. You wear denim trouser and a t-shirt or ethnic top and cover that up with a denim jacket. The top should be light and fitting. Accessorise with sneakers or converse shoes and some jewellery to complete the look.

Denim jackets complement traditional dresses. If you have long denim jacket, you can wear it over a lehenga choli to create a bohemian look. Complete this look with sandals and a light scarf.

Long and short kurti jacket

The kurti jacket has an infused design of a kurti and a trench coat. Long kurti jackets have an A-line cut and middle slit that runs from the collar to the hemline. Kurti jackets are classy and can maintain your look if you are wearing a traditional attire. There is no age limit to the kurti jacket. Long kurti jackets can accommodate any weather depending on their materials. Short kurti jackets are sleeveless and built like a half coat. They have minimal styling but look daring when worn on ethnic clothing.

Here are some ways you can style this jacket.

This jacket goes well with a long kurti dress and some nice flat shoes. You can dress it over a digital print kurta from Stylecaret and some jeggings for a modern trendy look.

The kurti jacket complements a lehenga choli well. Instead of using a dupatta scarf, throw on a kurta jacket and some matching sandals for a fashion statement look. This can pass as a traditional wear to festivals and cultural events.

For a modern style, wear a kurti jacket over a choli top and high waist jeans. Complete this look with some sneakers or converse shoes. You can wear this to school and any casual events.

For a short kurti jacket, you can wear it over a kurti dress to give it a modern and western look. This look is casual and sometimes formal depending on the prints of your attire.

Leather jacket

Leather jackets are useful when you want to wear something classy or daring and keep it casual at the same time. The leather jacket is popular among people of all ages. You can wear this over any modern and traditional look to give off an effortlessly stylish look. Leather jackets come in all shapes, styles and sizes. You can find buttoned, open, belted and zipped leather jackets. They can be as long as a trench coat or have a short bolero style. The color range is wide, but deep block colors are recommended because they can complement most colors and prints

How to style a leather jacket

Denim jackets look chic when dressed with traditional attire. You can style a leather jacket over a kurti top and lehenga skirt for an indo-western look. Complete this look with a pair of heels or wedges.

For a more modern and stylish look, wear a leather jacket over denim pants and a kurti or choli top. This look is chic and trendy. Complete the look with converse shoes or sneakers.

A coat

Every woman needs a coat to wear for formal occasions. There are many types of coats; you have to pick one that fits your style and body type.

Let us have a look at the different types of coats first

A trench coat is knee length and made of heavy material like wool and cotton. It is suitable for the cold winter weather. It can keep you warm and stylish at the same time.

Evening coats include velvet blazers, tweed jackets, sequined coats and the like. They are fashionable and give you a formal casual wear. You can wear this to business dinners and casual events. They keep you warm during the night cold. Evening coats are flexible to formal places like work.

It is important to have a raincoat ready in your closet waiting for the rainy seasons. Umbrellas can be a bit bulky, making the raincoat very convenient. You can keep the raincoat folded in your bag when the rainy seasons arrive. They are comfortable and made of material that shields your outfit from rain water.

How to style coats

For a casual look, wear your trench coat over a lehenga choli or anarkali kurta outfit. The length of your trench should not surpass that of your bottom wear unless you are wearing jeans. You can wear this look to dinner with friends, events or just a casual stroll around town.

Evening coats create a more official look. You can wear a coat over an ethnic attire to create a formal look for the office. A coat over an a-line shaped kurta creates an elegant and stylish look.


Jackets are simple to style and easy to work with. With the right color jacket, you can style different outfits in your wardrobe to give different results. Pairing and Indian attire with a western jacket is bold and will make you stand out in a crowd.

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