Most people tend to think that London escorts are just female sex machines. If that’s the experience you’re looking for, you might as well just spend your hard earned cash on a fleshlight. If all you’re looking for is a quickie with next to zero human interaction, it’s unlikely that you’d be shelling out a load of cash on London escorts. Rather, you’d probably just go find a gal working the corner, and pay your 60 quid to romp in an unlit alley somewhere. So why do people spend the money on London escorts? Because they’re looking for a full experience.

Having a great time with an escort is easy, but the full experience is what makes her worth the money. A good escort will expertly blow your mind in the bedroom, but she’s just as capable of making your wildest fantasies come true elsewhere. Learn how to get the most from your London escort experience by tapping into your own powers of seduction and becoming her favorite client.

  1. Be Honest

Being up front and honest with an escort is rule one for making sure you both have a good time. During the booking process, you will undoubtedly be asked a few personal questions. Don’t lie about anything, she’ll find out and probably cancel your booking. Let her know early one what sort of experiences you’re looking for. Make sure that you’re aware of what’s on the menu and what’s not. Don’t try and “talk her into it” later. London escorts are professionals, and they act like it. They won’t put up with you stepping out of line, which could cast you. Your appointment, or your money. Possibly both. So make sure that you’re open with your expectations and desires, and she’s sure to make it happen.

  1. Look Dapper AF

To start things out right, look good. Really good. Shower, shave, and put on your best suit. Knowing the Kama Sutra back to front won’t impress an escort, but knowing a thing or two about style most definitely will. Taking the time to look good is the best way to convey to your girl that your interested in her company, and your respectful of her time. Not only that, but looking good will boost your own confidence, which can help shake those pregame jitters that we all experience.

  1. Take Her Out

Start your appointment with a nice, light meal, or take her out for drinks. She is, in fact, a real person, and therefore enjoys doing real people things. Skip the buffets and eight course meals, but snagging some decent appetizers at a nice restaurant is a fast way to any woman’s heart. It can also give her time to get to know you and start reading your non-verbal cues. So when it comes to bedroom time, she already knows how to tell if you’re enjoying something. London escorts come with a litany of sexual knowledge that could make any grown man blush. Give her a few minutes to get to know you, and you’ll get the tailor made treatment of kings. Also, few things feel as good as having the world see you with an incredibly beautiful woman on your arm. Except for when that woman is completely infatuated with you. An escort worth her salt (and fee) will make sure that you feel like the only person in her world and will go out of her way to make sure that everyone else in the room knows that.

  1. Start With a Gift

Nothing breaks the ice like a small token of your appreciation. Chances are, she’s way out of your league. I mean, you’re paying for her time, so she’s obviously not some slag you can just nab at the nearest pub. Any escort will treat you like you are the center of their universe, but showing them a bit of adoration to begin with just amplifies this experience. It doesn’t have to be expensive or ostentatious. A nice bouquet of flowers or small box of artisan chocolates will go a long way. It’s also a great way to start conversation and helps to take some of the initial pressure off. Honestly, setting up the perfect night for you and your escort shouldn’t be that different from setting up your night with any date.

  1. Let Her Take the Lead

I’ve said it before, I’ll say it again: London escorts are some of the most knowledgeable, creative, and outrageously caring people in the world, specifically when it comes to sex. Don’t be intimidated by her abilities, rejoice in them. London escorts make good money for the services they provide for a reason: They’re really really good at them. Chances are, if you try and show up an escort sexually, you’ll just wind up getting hurt, or make an ass out of yourself, if not both. Not only that, but no one in this world likes to be told how to do their job, and an escorts job is to take care of you. Both inside the bedroom, and out in the great wide world.



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