There is no doubt that more and more people are jumping on the environmentally friendly bandwagon every day.

From teenagers to seniors, people are beginning to believe that it is their duty to protect the ecosystems from exposure to harmful pollutants. They are doing this by finding ways to cut down on waste and investing in green products.

Another way teens are helping to make sure no harm comes to the ecosystems is by choosing to make their prom dresses go green. How are they doing this? You will find out below.


One way to help make formal gowns go green is through donations. Many charities will take these items off your hands and give them to people in need. While some teens believe their dresses should be hung in a closet after the event, they can prove to be very valuable to teens living in low-income households. By donating your dress to charities or needy teens, you will be helping to protect the environment. You will also be helping to make sure someone gets to go to the prom.


Some teens believe their dresses are invaluable or irreplaceable. As mentioned above, many of these teens will hang onto them forever. While this is not such a bad idea, you can actually reuse prom dresses to make wedding gowns or dress for a special occasion. The idea is to turn the dress into something new, so there will be no need to invest in a new one. 

You can even utilize part of your prom dress for a christening gown for your baby. There is no end to the possibilities when it comes to reusing.


Lots of people recycle products, such as glass, plastic and metal. And, they never give much thought to recycling their clothes. Well, believe it or not 100 percent of clothing is recyclable. So, if you do decide to hang onto your dress until it begins to look drab and old, you should consider recycling it. Just drop the gown in a recycling bin the next time you go into the city.

Go Short

In the past, teens preferred long dresses to short styles. Well, this is no longer the case, especially for eco-friendly teens. In fact, many teens invest in short dresses so they can utilize for future formal events. And, if you are worried about someone recognizing the dress, you can dye or accessorize it. You would be surprised with what a few accessories will do for a used dress. It is also possible to have the dress altered by a professional seamstress. 


Another way to take your dress green is to sell it. There are more than a few websites that allow individuals to advertise and sell their used products. One of the most popular online marketplaces is eBay. Just post images and a description of your dress, so other members know exactly what condition it is in. If you are lucky, you may be able to recover half the money you initially spend on the dress.

Auction For A Good Cause

 Some parents can afford to invest a lot of money into a dress for their daughters. And, many of these parents are willing to spend much more than the average price. So, if you have a favorite charity and expensive prom dress, you should consider auctioning. There are websites that allow people to auction off their personal items. Whatever the dress brings, you can donate it to your favorite charity. Auctions are not only helpful to teens who want to get a little cash for their used dresses, but also to teens looking for deals on good, used dresses.

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