Are you also bored with your dull wallpaper? Do you also want something interesting to look at while working? So you are at the right place, I am going to take you into the ocean of wallpaper i.e. Rainmeter. Install Rainmeter on your PC or Laptop and you are ready to dive into the ocean of wallpapers with many themes and the best part is that you can download those wallpapers on any of your windows version from Windows XP to Windows 10. I have harvested 5 of the best Rainmeter Skins for your laptops or should I say your 2nd home. Let’s have a look,

  1. Ageo Skin– This is for someone, who loves a vintage theme and a dark kinda person. This theme will give you the motivational boost which you search for on youtube all the time because it is filled with inspirational and motivational quotes, you can also take a screenshot and send it to your colleagues to look witty, isn’t it amazing? I am sure it is. Some of its features include-
    1. Date, day, and time displays on the desktop.
    2. Camera icon and internet browser display on the desktop.
    3. Download link
  1. Neon space– This one is for someone who wants to buy a plot on MARS, I mean someone who is fascinated by the word space technology because it looks like you are working on some NASA project, don’t you wanna have it on your PC. It has also some exciting features like,
    1. It displays RAM usage.
    2. It displays CPU storage.
    3. It displays the date and time.
    4. The Weather forecast is now on your wallpaper itself.
    5. Social media icons will be in front of you.
    6. Download link

        3.Aliens – Now that you have entered space, you should meet aliens also, HAHA nice one, right? Jokes apart, This theme has an alien-looking cartoon on the desktop just like “JADU” of an Indian movie “Koi mil gaya”, I think Jadu fans will surely gonna try this theme, let’s see if its features are out of the world or not-

    1. You can access all your social media accounts from the desktop itself.
    2. Downloading and uploading speed displays on the desktop.
    3. Time and date
    4. PC capacity
    5. Download Link
  1. Mond – If you are a Rainmeter fan then you must have heard about this one, this one has a black and white theme and very stylish font. Some of its features are,
    1. Many widgets displays on the desktop.
    2. It doesn’t slow down your PC.
    3. Temperature displays on the screen.
    4. Download link

  5 . Batman- Now it’s turn for BATMAN fans, we have something great for you guys also. Bats will be on your desktop itself, which will make your theme even more adventurous. Its features are listed below,

    1. Batman, will himself come to take you into your PC, won’t that be great? 
    2. It displays RAM and CPU usage.
    3. Weather information is displayed on the skin.
    4. Network traffic is displayed.
    5. Download link 

That’s all from my side, now you explore and thank me later.

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