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Marketing: 5 Creative Ways To Increase Brand Awareness Using Social Media

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Social media channels are popular than ever. They are not limited to people building social contacts anymore. Today, all reputable brands have a social presence which provides them with a unique platform to connect with their audience. Majority of people spend hours on social media, creating a window of opportunity for businesses to interact with them. Small business owners often look for affordable tools such as an online logo maker.

Social media can prove to be an effective yet affordable marketing tool. Building a brand identity from scratch can be daunting especially in today’s competitive market. It starts right with the fundamental step when you create your own logo to set up a comprehensive website. Hence, a well thought out social media design and strategy can provide that extra boost new businesses are looking for.

These 5 creative ways can help you increase brand awareness using social media platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Youtube etc.

  1. Build a brand personality 

Social media can be considered as an informal space of presenting your brand to the world. Right from the moment you create your own logo, a tone is set for the brand. This can function as a great foundation for building a strong brand personality. Try and create a unique personality for your brand which not only holds true with the vision and values but is also relatable for the audience.

The key is to stand out and make a distinctive mark in order to increase brand awareness. Make sure that your profile is not like anybody else’s, this will ensure that your viewers notice and recall the profile. The images must pop and should never be the run of the mill stock pictures. Your followers and subscribers would respond well to personal touches on what you have to say, sharing promotions and information each time would create a boring experience. 

  1. Rope in influencers 

Social media influencers are people with a huge follower base. These influencers have spent time building their own social presence. A small mention by a niche influencers can go a long way. This can bring a huge influx of new viewers which can prove to be potential customers. Although, it is crucial to consider the influencer’s subscribers. It can only be effective if the influencers also target the same or similar audience as you wish to. Some of the influencers have to be wooed in order for them to promote your business/ brand. 

  1. Sponsor or Organise Giveaways 

Who doesn’t love a free product? Giveaways create a great possibility for the business to attract more viewers and followers. You can create giveaway campaigns where the viewers receive certain products you are offering. This is also an amazing way to create anticipation before launching a new product. Share a sneak peek followed by a giveaway. The mystique clubbed with a chance to win a free product can bring attention to the brand.

If offering giveaways across all social media channels is not possible, make sure that you consider the social media channel which can bring the most followers and potential customers. As you plan and organize your giveaway, check out the rules and regulations for that platform. You can also post your giveaway in relevant Facebook groups subject to their terms.

  1. Follow the Viral Trends

Going viral is something all brands aim for but only a few are actually able to achieve. As drawing new followers to you can be tough initially, it is wise to go to the audience. Viral videos are great mediums for joining in an existing conversation. When you create a social media design, make sure your strategy has enough room to adapt. Your social media plan should be flexible enough to include new content in reference to the viral trends.

Creating visual content such as images referring to the viral trend with your logo can also create brand recognition. Since the audience is already familiar and interested in the viral content, the logo can boost brand awareness. The key is to make followers like/share your content for their friends and connections to see. 

  1. Customize your content 

The quality of content you share forges a trusted connection with the followers. Fresh and relevant content encourages the audience to pause and spend time. As your viewers find valuable content, they will share it with their connections. This is beneficial in two ways, the relevant information builds a positive image for the brand and shares attracts more followers. If you are aiming at working on three different social platforms, make sure that you tailor the content keeping in mind each channel. Consider the audience for each social page and what they are looking for when you create the social media plan.

Just as a logo maker can provide a great platform for you to create a beautiful logo, similarly social media websites are only avenues for gaining brand visibility. The key is to make sure creating some powerful strategies and driving them with strong and fresh content. A carefully designed campaign can take your business to new heights by increasing brand awareness.


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