A dancer or a performer needs to wear an outfit while presenting themselves in front of the crowd. Depending on the different dance forms, there are several dance costumes available. These costumes are not ordinary clothing but are custom-made specifically for the concerned dance form. In case of folk dances, minute thread detailing is done on the clothing to impart a traditional look; similarly, for ballet, the costumes are very subtle.

Five Major Types of Dance Costumes which you can Choose for Yourselves

In Europe, the styles of the dance costumes are very dramatic. Dancers wear laced long skirts, corsets, and shirts with frills on them. The costumes have a historic touch to them.  There are many options and you can choose the best costumes amongst them. Given below are few options to select from:

  • Folk-Dance is popular all around the world. Each country has their distinctive folk dances and the costume also varies. Such costumes are often made of silk material with lots of beads and mirror detailing on it. The colors used in such costumes are very bright and colorful. In the western culture, the women wear a petty coat and a headgear while men are seen sporting formalwear.

While in eastern culture, the women wear bright colored sarees and men are seen adorning dhotis and kurta. In western folk dances, they are seen flaunting polka dotted blouses and accessories such as long cotton skirts paired with belts and handkerchief.

  • History says that belly dancing was initially done by sisters to encourage their siblings who are expecting to deliver a child. The dance was done to motivate them. First originated in the Arabs, and later the dances were influenced by the American culture. In this dance form, women wear semi-transparent dresses that expose their navel. The entire stomach area is highlighted in this dance form. Women wear brassieres and long skirts. Belts make up of coins are also worn around the dancer’s waists. Sometimes, they even use a semi-transparent cloth to cover their face while dancing. You can also wear baggy silk pants or harem pants.
  • In contrary to folk dances, several modern dances also emerged during the twentieth century. Such dance forms usually had women dancers in their troupes. Dancers had the freedom to keep their hair open and wear loose clothes. But, with modernization, choreographers decided not to differentiate between men and women. The make-up is kept simple. The costumes are comfortable and less dramatic. Men wear black shorts paired with transparent V-neck tees. Women wear simple body-fitting tops and solid colored tights.
  • If you’re going for a ballroom dance, then solid colored long gowns paired with stilettos will be the best option for women when it comes to customary traditional dances such as Waltz; the shorter dresses are apt for samba dances. For men, solid colored satin shirts tucked inside formal skin-fitting trousers and formal pointed shoes are appropriate. Popular colors for clothes of this dance form are black, red, purple and yellow.
  • Last but not the least, for ballet dancing, men wear black tights while women wear frocks paired with pointed shoes. The shoe is the main part of the ballet dances. This dance form is very technical and proper coordination is a must. Dancers below the age of 12 are not given permission to practice this dance form.

Several Materials used for making Dance Outfits

While dancing, it is necessary to wear costumes which will not restrict body movements. Dance costumes which are made up of satin, Lycra, or chiffon help the dancer to move freely. Cotton is rarely used as it is heavy. In eastern folk dances, dancers wear cotton sarees, but they are dyed before they are worn to enable free movement.




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