Exercising is very important for our health. It helps our heart work better, enlarges lungs capacity, and strengthens our muscles. There are certain exercises that are better for the muscles than others. Are you wondering which ones engage all muscle groups? Do you want to be fit and swole? Read on to find out what exercises you can do at home to strengthen your muscles.

Do you want to be fit and swole? Read on to find out what exercises you can do at home to strengthen your muscles.


Remember about warming up your muscles. It’s not good to start exercising straight away without preparation. A quick 5-minute warm-up should be enough. Do some stretches, like arm circles in both directions or touch your toes and lift your arms.



The arm workout is the easiest one, so you can start with it or save it for the end. Start with doing a set for your biceps and then set for your triceps. Rest and repeat. Do exercises using dumbbells and another using a barbell. These are exercises for your biceps. Next, switch for the triceps ones. Do a close bench press or parallel bar dip, then a pushdown or skullcrusher.


To build your middle and lower back do a deadlift. Remember to keep your abdominals tensed, your back arched, and the bar close to your body. Repeat it three to five times. Then do dumbbell or barbell rows, and perform chin-ups at the end. If body-weight chin-ups are too hard for you, do them with a band. If body-weight chin-ups are too easy, add some weight.



Start with a standing military press. For all the sets strict form should be used, except the last set. For this, do a couple of strict presses, then do push presses. Use your legs to keep your weight up. At the end perform lateral raises, barbell shrugs, and reverse flyes. You should use light and moderate weights without a rush. Remember to hold each repetition in the top position for two seconds.


Start your chest workout with a dumbbell press variation. Then exercise on a machine press, move on to cable crossovers or dumbbell flyes. At the end do flat or incline bench presses. Performing them last is safer because all your muscles are already warmed up – it guarantees no injuries to shoulders or elbows.


The legs workout will be hardest, so do it when your energy level is high. First, do five sets of five heavy squats. Make sure you’re in good form to prevent injuries. After them, do leg presses, calf raises and hamstring curls. Perform four to six sets of eight to twenty repetitions each.

And that’s it! You can be sure you’ll be much healthier and stronger thanks to these exercises. They’re pretty simple and quick to do. You can do them at the gym or even at home if you have sufficient equipment. To help with your workout, you can try some supplements that will help you with building your body mass. Read some crazy bulk reviews to find out more.


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