If you’re a gym beginner, packing your gym bag can be quite confusing. You might see pros bringing all sorts of things to practice, but you don’t need all those things. However, here are five essentials that must find their home in your gym bag.

A pair of good trainers

Many people say that your shoes are the most important item in your gym bag. They are the base of your workout and offer support, stability and comfort. So, don’t cheap out on the shoes you wear to the gym, no matter if you’re a runner or a weight-lifter. However, don’t just pick the most expensive pair in the store and call it a day either. Specific exercise routines require specific shoes, so do some research before you settle on a pair.

A reusable water bottle

There’s no need repeating just how important proper hydration is. In order to stay healthy and strong, you need to consume water before, during and after you finish your workout, especially during your cardio sessions. Your water intake will greatly affect your performance, so make sure to always have a large reusable water bottle in your gym bag. A bottle that can hold around 30 ounces (close to a liter) is a great choice. This way, you’ll have enough water with you to push through your workout and sip on your way home.

Quality gym-wear

If you’re giving your all in the gym, you’re going to finish your workout soaking wet. So, it’s really important to have some quality workout gear that will provide comfort even when you’re all sweaty and sticky. Luckily, there are Dri-Fit shirts that wick the sweat away from your body and take it to the surface to dry faster. Combine your moisture-wicking T-shirt with matching shorts and you’ll power through your gym routine without any discomfort. However, one thing many people neglect is good underwear. Ill-fitting boxers or briefs will not only feel uncomfortable but also restrict movement. So, in order to have a comfy workout, choose proper men’s boxers with seam-free sides and well-designed ribbing to keep everything in its place. Your perfect choice would be a blend of materials that breathe well, provide thermoregulation and are hypoallergenic.

Practical music accessories

Can you imagine working out without your favorite jams? There are no good workouts sessions without some good tunes to get your blood pumping, so make sure to have a few music accessories in your gym bag. For instance, a sports armband for your phone is a great investment. With this accessory, you don’t have to worry about dropping your phone or feel it jumping in your pocket while you run. Another thing that will make your workouts filled with music is good earbuds. Models with a wire that goes around your ear are the best pick because they will stay snug in your ears no matter how vigorous your workout is.

A good gym towel

Many gym-goers don’t put too much thought into choosing their towel. Oftentimes they grab the first clean one they have and rush to their workout. However, a good gym towel can bring you a world of benefits. It will not only absorb all your sweat but also allow you to maintain better hygiene and avoid skin irritation and rashes. Your safest pick is a towel made of microfiber materials since these fibers reach between even the smallest of crevices on your body, which minimalizes the risk of infection and chafing. Also, opt for a towel that’s a bit longer so that you can cover the workout machines without any trouble.

These gym bag essentials will certainly come in handy during your every workout and make it much more comfortable and effective. So, go shopping now and make your next gym session the best so far!

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