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Want to be a professional Tattoo Artist? There are a bunch of things you need to know before becoming one. Tattooing is not just about creativity. Although, creativity is something you need to have to become a tattoo artist. There are certain guidelines and safety tips to be followed to become a tattoo artist. You need to invest a good amount of time to become experienced and gather a lot of customers. The mainstream way to become a professional is to work as an apprentice for a well-known tattoo artist for at least 2-3 years. Starting as a beginner you need to know these 5 mistakes that all professional Tattoo Artist avoid –

1. Using sterilized objects more than once – Professional tattoo artists never use sterilized objects and cups more than once. They always use single-use items and throw them after the use. This is the worst mistake that you can make as a tattoo artist. Using sterilizing items more than once is really gross and unhygienic. It can spread pathogens and can infect a healthy person with that disease. This really sounds like unnecessary trouble.

2. Not maintaining health and hygiene rules – During the course, they teach you all the health and hygiene rules and guidelines. Not following them is a serious mistake. Some of the rules include – Not touching certain items during work or checking the phone with gloves that you are wearing on your hand. It’s advisable to use a paper towel to hold the tattooing machine when touching objects. All the permanent objects including the tattooing machine should be cleaned and sterilized after every session. Another technical guideline is that every tattoo workplace must have a written exposure control plan that is specific to their services.

3. Sinking lines and making them too deep – Many beginner artists get convinced by the idea that bushing the color makes it more intense. But doing this creates wounds in skin and wounded tattoos because artists did the line too deep. This is a wrong technique and it also wastes color. If the tattoo looks like a relief or leaves a scar then it’s a sign that you did that mistake.

4. Using uncertified color – Professional artists never have unknown colors in their Tattoo Kits. The unknown can be cheap and will reduce your cost of tattooing and can make you profit but these uncertified colors have harmful toxins that might cause skin irritation or infections. One such color to avoid is the Neon skin inks as they are loaded with chemicals and mercury. A good way to decide the colors is to check for the EU certification. All EU certified colors are least in toxic chemical composition. Besides health, professionals never miss out on considering skin tone. Pick out the colors that go along with the specific skin tone. For example, black and all shades of green go well with dark skin. Another important thing to know is that red, yellow, and orange are the colors that are most resistant to laser removal treatments.

5. Making so many passages – Making too many passages in the same part, at the same time can hurt the skin and or can even break the skin and it will spit out the color. Doing this will wound the skin and will take weeks for the skin to recover. The maximum number of passages to have is 4-5 on the same piece. Also, divide doing the passages into weeks, don’t do it in a single session.

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