5 Simple Tricks To Make Your Spray Tan Last Longer

You might wonder why you need to spend your valuable money on getting spray tan instead of getting real suntan by just lying under the bright sunshine of sun. The prime reason behind this rapidly rising popularity of spray tan is that it is an entirely damage free process. Spray tan OKC has become the first choice of people during summer and many are happily willing to spend more money on spray tanning Oklahoma City. This is because the harmful rays of the sun cause premature aging, sun spots, dark spots, and even cancer. Thus, getting the best spray tan OKC offers people a safe and sunless glow.

Here are some simple tricks to make your spray tan last longer and the preparation for that starts long before you step into a spa.

  1.    Exfoliate Before Three Days

Avoid before 24 Hours – Exfoliation is a must before getting spray tan but avoids it before the 24 hours of your professional tan service.  It is best to exfoliate every day for three days before your appointment.

Use Physical Exfoliation – You can use any physical exfoliation technique such as body scrubs, dry brushing, and loofas to remove dead skin cells from the body.

Avoid Retinol- Plus avoid using any retinol including lactic and citric acid as they exfoliate skin at the deeper cellular level and ultimately leads the pigment to fade faster.

  1.    Factor in your Period

Prolong Color – This might sound a quite weird fact but the spray tan around your period can really help to prolong the color for a longer time period.

After 3 Weeks – It is a well-observed fact that women who get spray than after the week of their period, their skin tend to hold the tan for longer.

Not During Period – As opposed to women who take tan before period or during the period, their spray tan fades quickly.  So, it is best to book your appointment after the period cycle.

  1.    Swap your Moisturizer

Ditch Oil-Based Moisturizer – Avoid using any oil based moisturizer before your spray tan as oils act as the death for self-tanners. This is because oils create a barrier on the skin that prevents the spray tan to get completely absorbed into the skin.

Use Aloe-Vera Moisturizer – Even after the completion of the spray tan, if you use oil-based moisturizer then your spray tan is definitely going to fade quickly. So, it will be highly effective to use an Aloe based moisturizer to give your skin the natural and soothing hydration.

  1.    Shower Eight Hours before Tan

Not Shower Immediately before tan – Another important thing to follow during getting spray tan is to not get shower immediately before your appointment. Eight hours work as a magic number when it comes to getting a perfect tan.

Take Time to Restore Skin pH – Our skin takes time to restore it’s optimal pH balance post-shower while still harnessing the benefits of exfoliation. In addition, also avoid doing waxing before 24 hours as it can leave skin with uneven tint.

  1.    Use Self-Tanner

Extend Tan-Life – Another most effective way to extend the tan life is to use a self-tanner or any other gradual tanning products.

Keep Skin Soft – Self-tanners also helps to keep your skin soft while adding an additional layer of tan color on your skin.

Use Highlighter – To enhance the glow of your tan, apply a shimmery highlighter wherever you want the color to pop. Most of the people use highlighters to their cheekbones and collarbones.

The Bottom Line

It is recommended to use the safest options and right maintenance by getting the best spray tan OKC services. A high-quality airbrush tanning OKC can last for a longer time period.

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