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5 Summer Activities You Can Try Now

There’s nothing quite like the soothing sizzle of the summer sun paired with the great outdoors that gets your heart rate up and makes you wonder: what should your next adventure be? No matter where you are, whether you have kids, a spouse, a partner, or you’re flying solo this summer, it’s all about rediscovering your own curiosity and trying something new. Thankfully, the world is brimming with opportunities so that you can get inquisitive as well as active and spend more time outside burning those holiday calories away.

Here are the top five activities that should find their way to your 2019 summer list of to-dos, and make sure to brace yourself, get the right gear, and book the right flights. Things are about to get thrilling as well as relaxing!

Take your workout outside

You’ve had your fair share of gym hours and Zumba lessons and you’d like something more challenging for your summer figure. Now that you can get a tan and work out at the same time, why not head outside for a boot camp session? These exciting training routines are never the same, they can get competitive, and they are perfect for fitness enthusiasts who are tired of counting those bicep curls and deadlift reps.

What’s more, you can book a fitness boot camp as your vacation of choice with your friends and hit a new, exotic location such as Ibiza that combines soothing routines with delicious foods and intense workouts. Other options can be blends of tennis and track running, meditation and HIIT, or any other quirky mix for that matter, the world’s your oyster.

Hit the beach and stay active

We all like to get lazy when we hit the beach, but this year, why not spice things up a bit and try a few new activities that some versed beach-goers have impressed you with over the past few years? For example, snorkeling is a one-of-a-kind experience that gives you a glimpse into the marine life of the exotic places you visit, or even your home town when you have access to a coast. Just make sure you get a top notch full face snorkel mask for a comfortable, safe adventure under the sea, and you’ll be all set for meeting and greeting the underwater locals.

Then again, you can try surfing if you’re new to the activity, just get in touch with a local surfing coach to pass on their wisdom and help you make the most of the activity. If you’re more of a dryland creature, then beach volleyball is always a wonderful way to spend more time on your feet while in the sun.

Try canyoning

Ever heard of canyoning? Imagine the thrill of sliding down a waterfall, whitewater rafting with your friends, then climbing down a mysterious cave, only to be greeted by some of the world’s most stunning flora and fauna. That sums up the potential of this adventurous activity that you should definitely add to your bucket list if you haven’t done so already.

Of course, don’t be intimidated by the image we’ve concocted above. There are beginner-level courses you can take and rather slow-paced exploratory treks of similar nature that are adapted to all fitness levels. Always ask about the appropriate gear, especially if you need sturdy shoes and water-resistant clothes.

Ever heard of hydrospeed?

Known by several different names, hydrospeeding or riverboarding puts a fun twist to your standard whitewater rafting adventure. For those who have already tried the latter, you can certainly look into the former and make sure that you’ve got what it takes for such a thrilling experience.

It can be described as using a board to surf rivers in a horizontal position, which turns a regular swim into a rollercoaster ride!

Explore the desert

Finally, enough with the water sports and adventures, let’s go back to dryland and the hidden beauty of deserts. In this case, you can try an exciting activity known as sandboarding, a dry take on surfing that takes you into the heart of the dunes and gives you a unique view of this ever-changing landscape. It may sound mundane for now, but when you practice, you can learn the same cool tricks performed by snowboarders, so stay persistent.


The summer is truly a treasure trove of activities waiting for you to leave your comfort zone and try something new. Add these to your own bucket list and rest assured you’ll be in for an exciting few months to follow!

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