In a fast-paced world where people are always on the go, fast food chains are homes for foodies who don’t have luxurious time to prepare their food. However, fast food poses a high risk of developing depression, obesity, heart diseases, cancer, etc.

As a result, a lot of people are changing their food preferences for a healthy diet, thereby choosing homemade meals. Instant Pot is a solution for busy people who want to cook their own food. It’s a kitchen appliance that helps consumers to prepare quality food in less time.

Here are some fascinating benefits of using an instant pot:


1. Ease of Monitoring Cooking Times

Aside from providing a fast-paced, eco-friendly, and health-oriented lifestyle, Instapots have transformed the houseware industry by its modernized features. It’s keeping up with the progress of technology so high-tech savvy people become attracted to it.

For instance, as of January 2018, it created a smart Wi-Fi programmable pressure cooker. It’s a game-changing feature that allows you to save time by monitoring and controlling your cooking progress from anywhere with the palm of your hands with just an Instant Pot mobile application.

Therefore, it can help you multitask and save more time from just preparing your food alone.

However, having to touch your phone with your wet hands while doing the cooking may give you a hard time. That’s why another innovative feature of Instant Pot is its integration with Google Assistant. This product lets you monitor and control the status of the cooker hands-free with just using your voice.

2. Time, Energy, and Vitamin Efficient

Instant Pot is an energy efficient kitchen appliance. Compared to other cooking appliances, it reduces your cooking time by up to 50% to support your busy lifestyle, power saves up to 70% or more, and especially it retains the vitamins & nutrients of food by up to 90-95%. For instance, most vegetables are ready in just 5 minutes.

Its energy-efficiency and less time cooking feature while retaining vitamins and nutrients are due to the following features:

● It doesn’t need more energy to heat up due to its fully insulated cooking chamber or inner pot.

● It boils faster as it doesn’t require too much water compared to traditional cooking.

● It destroys harmful bacteria by allowing water to boil at a temperature higher than 100 degrees Celsius.

● It neutralizes various toxins such as phytohaemagglutinin present in red kidney beans by pressure cooking it in 10 minutes.

3. Convenient and Cost-Saving

It’s indeed a user-friendly appliance. All you need to do is to plug it in and ensure that you tap the correct button and it does everything else. It also keeps your food warm and holds the temperature of the food until you serve it.

Also, considering that Instant Pot has the functions of the following, it automatically replaces seven kitchen appliances, so it’s more spacious than buying all these appliances:

● Pressure cooker

● Rice cooker

● Sauté/searing

● Slow cooker

● Steamer

● Warmer

● Yogurt maker

Without buying all the listed kitchen appliances, you can enjoy preparing different kinds of food in various forms of cooking.

4. Dependable and Safe

If you’re the type of person who gets nervous when they see an appliance that has many buttons like the Instant Pot, it might look confusing at first, but when you see and read at the functions, it’s simple and easy to use. Just a tap of each button can give you the type of cooking method you prefer.

Moreover, Instant Pot ensures that you can depend on their products by keeping it safe to use. Instant Pot products go through a testing process and comes with safety features. It also passed the stringent UL certification that comes with uncompromised safety. It’s designed to eliminate common errors that can cause customer’s harm. Here are some of the following safety mechanisms of an Instant Pot appliance:

Anti-Block Shield – reduces blockages by preventing food particles from entering the steam release pipe

Automatic Pressure Control – if pressure level limit exceeds, it suspends heating to maintain its working pressure levels. Electrical fuse – if electrical current safety limit is reached, it automatically cuts off power

Automatic Temperature Control – ensures that safe temperature is within its range by regulating the heat

5. No Chemical Coating
Some pressure cookers contain perfluorochemicals that might exceed temperatures that can cause its coating to break down and hence, it releases toxic. Instant Pot has a full stainless-steel interior while the exterior part is plastic or other materials. It means that the stainless-steel interior part is the only thing that touches the food and the plastic outside doesn’t come in contact with the food. It’s perfluorochemicals free and Instant Pot ensures that it doesn’t release any toxins that can harm the food.

Therefore, by having an Instant Pot in your home, you can ensure your family’s food-free-chemicals.


Instant Pot has a lot of innovative features making it user-friendly and prepares food in a safe condition. It provides multiple uses and helps consumers in different ways. What’s more is its capacity to replace other kitchen appliances because of the many integrated functions in just one tool. Moreover, you can continue your fast-paced life going since it’s enhanced to keep up with your busy schedule while giving you a healthy diet.

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