All dancers are not created equally. They may be born with a sense of rhythm and a love for music. But, it is hard work to turn those attributes into the skill it requires to rise to the level of pro dancer.

Besides dedication to their art, they develop habits that support their ambitions. They are not unlike athletes. Everything affects their performance. Their environment, health, diet and the amount of sleep they get directly affects their performance. He or she develops over time, and part of that development is continually raising the bar.

There are millions of dancers in the world, but only a fraction of those will become great. Only a few of them will embrace dance and make it part of who they are.

There are certain things that a good dancer does differently than the talented but not spectacular dancer. These are tips they learned from someone more developed in dance than them and incorporated into their lives. Let us give you a few tips to help you see the world of dance through their eyes.

1. Learn your surroundings

Every stage and venue is unique. As you have practices in your studio, you have learned every inch of the floor, even if you do not know it. Take the time to review your stage area.  A good dancer prepares for a good performance.

2. Objects and distractions

By checking the markings on the floor and the positioning of any props that are on the floor, a dancer prevents herself from becoming startled. It is much easier to ignore an object that reflects light if you know it is there before you begin.

3. Cross-train

It may seem impossible given the amount of practice you do, but there are some muscles that are not being developed equally as you practice. Incorporate another activity into your routine that will help your muscles grow. Try swimming, jogging, or biking.

4. Wear the right gear

Never try to dance in the wrong shoes. Proper dance shoes, quality tights, and a good leotard give your body the support you need. Invest in the best dance leotards. They are inexpensive and they make a big difference in your growth.

Take into account what you are doing and use your attire as a tool. If you are practicing, wear your dance attire made for that purpose. When auditioning, wear the correct dance clothes for the part. Trying to stand out with talent is great, wearing a hip-hop outfit to audition for ballet is not. You can check out Alexandra Costumes to see some cool designs.

5. Learn to listen to your body

A good dancer is in tune with his or her body. They understand that food is fuel, but the body needs different fuels for different demands placed upon it. If you are preparing for a long performance, you need protein and lots of it. But, if you have been performing for longer than expected, and you are running out of steam, you need some fast acting carbs. Know how to use food. Take high-quality (all natural) supplements to give you the energy you need and to enhance your muscle recovery.

Practice these tips and you will soon find yourself growing as a dancer and helping others to reach their goals as well.

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