Every paper is important. After all, it’s your time and work in there. And everyone wants to have a good paper, so this article will present you some tips to make your writing skills better. Yell ‘write my paper for me, if you need it.

Spell check is usually not your friend. Don’t count on it that often (if not at all)

We all know how lucky we are that we have such system. It’s an amazing system, but unfortunately, it has some lacks, too. For example, a computer cannot (for now, at least), make the difference between your and you’re, its and it’s and their, there and they’re. But you can, so make sure you read your paper twice. Proofread it and spellcheck it.

Who told you that ‘its’ it’s the same thing as ‘it’s’?

Many people (still) don’t know the difference. It’s crucial. You see errors everywhere and it might be okay with you, but you don’t want your English teacher to see that.

Its represents the possessive form of “it.”. So you should use it only when you’re talking about something that you can call ‘it’. You cannot call people ‘it’. Not in formal writing, at least.

‘It’s’ represent the contracted (shorted doesn’t sound as fancy) of ‘it is’. It’s the same thing with ‘you’re’ – ‘you are’, ‘they’re’ – ‘they are. You should use it only if you can use ‘is it’.

The third person is a good idea. First person, not so much

Especially if you’re writing an essay. Stay away from ‘I believe’ or ‘I think’ or even ‘you know’. They’re not good with the formal writing style and they also make your work look weak. Instead, use lots of evidence of your opinion. By using the ‘I’ you’ll look self-centered or even obsessed with yourself. But you are more interested in the subject of your paper, aren’t you?

We also have an exception. When writing a personal reflection paper, it’s advisable to use the first person. This is the case with college application essays – your admission officers will be happy to get to know the real you, so wash them in details about your opinion.

You should always be specific

Always. If you have a topic that you like, tell them what you like about it and even show them. Lots of examples and details. Ask questions and answer them with concrete words.

The school’s writing centre is actually a good idea

Your school should have a writing centre and there should be people who can help you in writing your essay. So use it, always. Its okay to need and ask for help and it’s not such a bad idea to have someone else take a look at what you wrote in your paper before submitting it. Think about authors. Don’t you think they have editors for this?

You need to have a point

We all know what it’s like to watch something and ask ourselves what was the whole point of that. The video you were watching probably had lots of action schemes, and some special effects, overall it might be pleasant, but you just cannot find a reason why you watch it. (This applies to lots of things nowadays.)

You don’t want this for your paper. Really. There’s no point in using words just to reach the word count limit. Start with a point in mind and an end goal. We know it’s not easy, especially if the paper you are writing it’s really long, but give it a try. You should remember that your point (or statement, or thesis, take it as you want) is the most important thing of your paper. Every idea you have and write in your essay is somewhat (if not at all) connected to this certain point.

This is one of the main reason why the usual essay that consists in 5 paragraphs (the one with 1 conclusion, 3 body paragraphs and a conclusion) is usually chosen for teaching students how to write a proper essay. With these kinds of essay, you have your point from the very start. You’ll also have 3 pieces of evidence to present in order to support your idea and then you’ll come up with a very coherent, strong conclusion. But you’re not supposed to stick to this pattern. Spice up things for a bit.