Cryptocurrencies continue to grab the headlines. Their popularity is rising with each successive day. But it is not a fun game. Investing in cryptocurrency requires conscious efforts, knowledge, and the right amount of research. Therefore, before stepping into this segment, you need to know certain important things. 

If you have decided to invest in crypto assets, here are the things you should know. 

#1. The crypto market is prone to risk:

The first and foremost thing you need to keep in mind is that the cryptocurrency market is highly volatile. It is prone to frequent ups and downs. The price of a digital coin can rise and fall within a single day. For example, 1 Dogecoin to INR equivalent price on 10th Jan 2022 was ₹11.20 and the next day on 11th Jan 2022 the price declined to ₹10.63. Thus, there are unpredictable spontaneous changes. So it is always better to be cautious of these risks. 

#2. Develop an investment strategy: 

Spending some time on creating an investment strategy will keep you guided throughout the journey. Here are some key questions to help you set a robust strategy: 

  • Are you looking forward to long-term investment?
  • Do you know about ICOs (initial coin offerings)?
  • Will you be able to put in extra hours to trade in cryptos?
  • Are you interested in diversifying your investment portfolio?
  • What do you want to opt for – high-risk coins or low-risk coins?

#3. Explore all options: 

Before you head to investment in the cryptocurrency market, make sure you have explored all options. Spend some time to learn about all cryptocurrencies. There are hundreds of coins and tokens, apart from the popular ones like bitcoin and ethereum. Here are some newly developed digital coins with good potential: 

  • Tron
  • Cardano
  • Binance Coin
  • Monero etc. 

#4. Get a sense of technology and industry: 

It is also important to explore the underlying blockchain technology behind these currencies. This will provide you with a sense of how these technologies work. So, once you have decided about the cryptocurrency you are likely to invest in, discover more about how these tokens work. How their blockchain operates, and if they have any unique innovation that sets them apart from other cryptocurrencies. By understanding these aspects, you will be able to better decide whether a potential investment option is worth considering or not. 

#5. Find legit information:

Don’t jump into the cryptocurrency industry without researching. Cryptocurrency is all about research and the right information. In order to get to the right decision, you need to look for credible information sources. For an instance, if you want to check the real-time  1 TRX to INR conversion rate, find it on a trusted exchange platform like CoinSwitch Kuber. Likewise, you can explore the ratings of a crypto coin on Coingecko. Furthermore, Reddit communities are another reliable source. They help you keep updated on crypto-related news, opinions, and press releases. 

Lastly, remember to always start with a small amount. Take your time, research, and then make a decision. 

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