Who doesn’t wish to have a lush green lawn? A lush green lawn could be the source of your keeping mind fresh. So, everyone who has a lawn is in wish to keep it in good shape and form.

Sometimes, keeping and managing the lawn could be laborious if you do it manually. This is the reason, electric lawn mowers, battery-operated lawn mowers or diesel operated lawn mowers are in business and they are popular among users too. To manage Keeping the grass and all other plants in your lawn is important and lawn mowers can do this job perfectly for you. If you have made the decision of buying a lawn mower, you should read below 5 tips to make it a successful purchase and save some extra cash.

  • Electric/Diesel/Battery Operated

There are several types of lawn mowers based on its power source. You should choose the perfect one based on your requirements. Usually, electric lawn mowers that have rechargeable batteries are the best performer. But before buying electric lawn mowers please check how long it can operate using batteries. On the other hand, If your lawn area is large you can opt for diesel-operated lawn mowers.

  • Lawn Size

Lawn size often plays a vital role in deciding the type of lawn mower you are going to buy. If your lawn size is big, you can choose a ride-on mower rather than a push mower. But usually ride-on mower is more pricey, so you have to decide carefully, which type of mower you really need and how long you can operate it using labor.

  • Cutting Path

If you want to clear your grass more comfortably and quickly a larger cutting path is better, but sometimes with an increase in cutting path the weight of the mower also increases. A very big and heavy mower will be a tough one to work with. You can choose a cutting path starting from 12 inches to 21 inches, but keep the weight of the mower itself before purchase.

  • Warranty of the Product

After-sales service is important as mower deals with various working situations based on season. Some lawn mower company offers 5 years warranty whereas some companies offer no after sales service. So, before buying a lawn mower, ensure that it has at least about 2 years of after sales service. Ensure which accessories and parts are covered in the warranty.

  • Weight and Size of the Mower

When you are going to buy a push mower, it will not be a good option to buy a machine that is too heavy. If you buy a too heavy push mower, you will have to struggle with it every time. So for a push mower, please check its own weight.

Moreover, in the case of ride-on mower, check the size it will take to store. If it is too big, it will not be easy to store and will take too much space of your house, that may not be convenient at all

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