There are many people who are in good physical condition. They eat correctly, have regular check-ups with their doctor, and are not over or underweight. However, those people do not have perfect bodies. They have healthy bodies. However, to have a dancers body, your body must be evolved beyond simply healthy.

What is a great body?

This question has been asked, studied, and debated on for years. The simple truth is, what a great body is to one person, is not what a great body is to another. Everyone has their idea of what the perfect body is. Some women want a firmer midsection. Some people want a perfectly toned upper body. The shape and appearance of the entire body are based on the muscle development in any particular area of the body.

Why dance?

Of course, we all know that dancing burns calories. We also know, there are many types of dancing, so finding one you enjoy is almost guaranteed.

It does not cost a lot to begin. Until you have reached a particular skill level and decided what you want to do in the future, you need basic dance gear. You need dance leotards for adults by Just For Kix, for support, dance shoes, and anything your instructor will need for the type of dance you choose.

5 tips for dancing your way to a better body

● Burst dancing! If you are not a seasoned dancer, do not try to make it through an entire dance session on your first try. All you need is music and you. While you are at home, practice doing 10-minute bursts of dancing. This improves your ability to control your breathing. It allows you to get your heart rate up but not for too long. Dancing your way to a good body is a process.

● Remember long and lean! Do not worry about how you look. Leave your ego at the curb. Even if your tummy is not flat or your butt is too large, as you are dancing, you are long and lean. Stretch to get a full body effect. In your mind, you are a gazelle. No one else’s opinion matters.

Hydrate and then hydrate some more. Your body needs fresh, clean water to become perfect. Water helps every internal organ, and it gives you a beautiful goal. Never leave home without a water bottle.

● Protein is a must. You cannot build muscle for the body of your dreams without protein. You may be trying to lose a few pounds. However, you cannot combine a dance workout with lack of food or water. You will burn more calories, but you must eat enough to maintain muscle growth as well.

● Ask the pros. Take whatever kind of class you enjoy. But if you are not getting the physical benefits you want, ask the professionals why? Should you incorporate another dance into your routine? Are there moves you are doing incorrectly? Find out what you need to change.

You can do it!

Dancing is a fun way to lose weight and tone your muscles. But like any exercise, it takes time. Learn the proper way to eat. Incorporate other exercises in between classes. Maybe take a swim class, go biking, take up kickboxing. Building your perfect body means having a well-rounded life. Every time you take the stairs instead of the elevator, take an after-dinner run with the dogs or drink water instead of soda, you re taking steps that reinforce your new body and your new future. So make the wise choices with style and create the body you want to have with dance. Keep your energy level and your attitude elevated and you will be just fine.

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