Decorating a Furnished Apartment

If your goal is to move into a new place easily and without a lot of shopping, a furnished apartment is the answer. There isn’t a lot of furniture moving to do, you don’t need a ton of boxes, and it’s so much cheaper!

On the fence about furnished or unfurnished? This article from Quarry Trail will help you decide whether a furnished place is right for you or not.

The one downfall is that it can be hard to add your own touch to a place that already has a personality of its own. Since you’re renting, you can’t make a lot of major changes. But there are ways to get around this when you’re decorating.

With these five tips, you can turn an already-furnished apartment into a place with a style of your own.

1. Choose a Color Scheme

There are some parts of the home you can’t change the colors of. But what you can do is override them.

This is especially important if the landlords chose gaudy patterns or out-of-date colors. Twill with ‘70s colors, for instance, isn’t the most popular style for furniture.

Luckily, many apartment complexes are geared toward younger generations. The decor and furniture are modern and up-to-date, and you don’t have to hide too much.

Either way, find a color scheme you love that meshes well with what’s already there. Then, use those shades to cover up any parts of the home you aren’t in love with and accessorize the rest.

2. Do Some Rearranging

Just because the furniture was in one place when you moved in doesn’t mean it has to stay there.

Make a note (mental or written down) of where every big item is currently. That way, before you move out, you can put it all back where it was. Then, feel free to rearrange everything as you please.

Intermingle the beds and nightstands, move around couches and chairs, and make the place yours while you’re there!

3. Change the Linens

You can’t change the furniture, but you have total control over the linens. From the bed to the floor, you can use different cloth to add to your personality.

In the bedroom, choose your bedding and then find some curtains that match. Throw down a small area rug by the side of your bed. Use a placemat or table runner to enhance the nightstand.

Moving to the kitchen, some floor rugs with adhesive or rubber gripping spruce up the room. Decorative kitchen towels finish the look!

Repeat the same process with the rest of the rooms in the house, switching out and adding linens where you can.

4. Add Your Decor

Before you start hanging things on the wall, get permission first. Some landlords are okay with that, while others forbid it. Instead of making holes in the wall, there are lots of removable adhesive hanging options that are landlord-approved.

You want to get your deposit back, so follow the rules!

Even if you can’t hang anything, you can still decorate the flat surfaces. Add your favorite framed photos and knickknacks. Invest in a small bookshelf for your personal items that don’t fit anywhere else.

Don’t skimp on the personal touches, but try to avoid making the place too cluttered.

5. Plant Some Greenery

Indoor plants are excellent decor and healthy for you.

In small places like apartments, there isn’t a lot of air circulation. Plants improve the quality of the air in the room by purifying it.

Greenery is also good for your mental health. Studies have shown that a person’s mood can improve by being around plants. They can increase productivity and decrease depressive symptoms.

You don’t need to make it a jungle in your home. However, a plant or two in each room is a smart way to decorate!


A furnished place that is stylish and budget-friendly is the goal of many apartment seekers. When you find one, you want to grab it, fast!

If you’re in a season of life where it doesn’t make sense to invest in furniture, the benefits of a furnished place well outweigh any problems. The only concern is how to personalize your new home. With these tips, you can enjoy the perks of your new home and decorate it to match your style!

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