Maintenance of heavy home appliances

Heavy home appliances are present in every household and serve a wide range of purposes. These appliances are highly beneficial and make the daily chores easier. These goods are bulky and pricey, thus, they require special care in maintenance. Maintenance of heavy home appliances is not difficult if you know the tricks to clean them, hence, can serve prolonged period. It shall be considered wise if you read the maintenance manual at the time of purchase. 5 important bulky appliances along with their maintenance procedure have been stated below.


The most important step towards the prolonged functioning of a refrigerator is to avoid overloading it. The capacity of the refrigerator must be analyzed before stuffing it with excessive food which might harm the performance of the appliance. Secondly, you must know which compartment to utilize while storing different food items. A refrigerator is manufactured using different parts which form up to a number of sections. The user manual must inform the buyers about the sections specialized for different food items. One must not slam the door of the fridge too hard after using it. This might affect the internal parts and make the appliance lose its worth.


While using a washing machine, one must wash smaller loads at once. Overloading the machine might not fetch effective results and can harm the appliance. Huge apparels and carpets shall not be washed using a washing machine. In order to maintain the appliance you must clean the interior of the washer and dryer at least once a week in case of regular use. This shall remove the dirt as well as detergent particles and soapy solution from the drum.  Rancho Santa Fe Appliance Repair provides maintenance of heavy home appliances efficiently.


Microwave ovens are bulky and sensitive. Thus, you must pay special attention while using them. The choice of container that shall be supported by the microwave is a crucial aspect of usage. Do not use metal containers or any container with a metal lining when heating or baking. This is a safety measure that shall be taken into consideration. To avoid explosion and outbreak of fire, do not put flammable edibles and drinks in the microwave. Sealed containers might pose a threat to the working capacity of the appliance. Lastly, one must clean the interior of the appliance at least once a week to ensure its durability.


A dishwasher is a useful home appliance and if used efficiently, can reduce time consumption by doing the dishes automatically. However, it must be maintained well in order to ensure its effective performance and the user’s safety. Firstly, it should be cleaned every once in a while, as mentioned in the manual. If the filter is clogged, the dishwasher will not generate the desired results. The lower rack is to be cleared and the filter must be removed in order to fix it. Finally, the screen must be cleaned using a vacuum. Maintenance of heavy home appliances like a dishwasher is essential.


A gas oven is one of the primary home appliances. The burner needs to be free of spilled food and beverages hence simple tools like a toothbrush can be used to clean it once in a week. Avoid using substances that are vulnerable to extremities like excessive heat and cold near the oven. Moreover, do not let hazardous elements to come in contact with the appliance.

Therefore, heavy home appliances are pricey and helpful products. Thus, if maintained using proper guidelines, they can serve a long period of time. The durability of home appliances majorly depends on their user. In order to maintain its performance, it should be treated gently and cautiously.

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  1. Great post, but I would like to add to the microwave. Never use the cooking timer for a timer when nothing is in the microwave. My fiancé has replaced more microwaves with neighbors because of this.

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