Make a Woman Go Crazy On The Bed

Physical intimacy is an important part of any relationship. It is something that you look forward to every time. Hence, it is important to try different tips and tricks so that your partner is still intrigued. Make sure to keep it fun and interesting every time. Most of the adult confessions we read are based on sex and intimacy but no one cares if the woman was seduced or not. Most of the time men are biased towards their own needs. . If you are looking to make a woman go crazy on the bed, then read on.

Touch her at different places

When you just start off, make sure to touch her at different places. Just casually run your hands down her body. Just feel her completely. Touch her back, inner thighs and hips. Just casually graze your hands around her body. Let her melt in your hands. Apart from that, pay special attention to her ears. Lick them, bite them and breathe in to them. You will surely get her in the right mood.

Make her feel desired

If you want her to go crazy in bed in just minutes, then make her feel desired. Any woman loves to feel wanted. If you do that, she will literally be in to you quickly. Normally, for men the feeling of desired may or may not create a lot of impact on the overall confidence. However, for a woman it is really important. It is almost like casting a spell on them. After that, they become magic.

You can make her feel desired by flattering her. However, just do not do it for the sake of it. If it looks insincere, then it will backfire completely. Appreciate her dress or her body. The whole point is that if you do this properly, you will not have to do anything else because she will already be horny after that.

Build the momentum

It is difficult to seduce a woman. A lot of things instantly work for men. For example, they could just see their girlfriend naked and it gets them in the mood. However, women are not like that. It takes much more for a woman. They require more sensuality and sensitivity. They need time to build up the momentum. Hence, if you want to drive her crazy in bed, then give her the message of intent.

Give her a message or a call. However, do not reveal a lot. Leave her hungry for more. Actually, your work is already done because when you meet her, you will not have to spend a lot of time getting her in the mood. Although, remember to back your talk because that will set the tone for future.

Do these sensual things

Well, certain things are basics. They work universally. Hence, make sure to massage her sensitive areas. Just start from the neck and then go all the way down up till the back of her knees. She will definitely enjoy this. It will make her go crazy as well. Apart from that, take off her clothes slowly. Do not rush. If you are in a rush, she might find you really desperate. It is a good idea to take it slow and have fun in the act of getting naked. Kiss her body in between and break the monotony. Making out can make a woman go crazy on the bed, immensely.

Surprise her

Women love surprises. Just kiss her down the neck and unhook her bra with the other hand when she least expects it. Also, spend enough time with her breasts. Most women do not like men who just play with their nipples. Discover some sensitive areas on her breasts too.


These are some of the ways to make a woman go crazy on the bed. Try them during your next sexual encounter and you will not be disappointed.

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