Conduct Self Healing

Breakups are painful and self healing is one the best way to recover from it. The phenomenon of healing is appreciated worldwide and to conduct self healing is the best way to recover for long term. People have started recognising its power to build mental and physical strength. To help one learn the process of healing, many gurus or meditation practitioners have started to conduct sessions and pass their knowledge to the attendees. The process of healing is nothing but correcting of your energies. Make your environment extremely positive to conquer negativity.

There are many people from across the globe who vouch for the power of healing. People have risen from their death bed and even come out stronger from a heart-breaking grief.  But, when it comes to healing, the biggest misconception is that you cannot do it yourself. People often talk about going to psychologists or even Reiki healers to conduct these sessions.

Here are a few best practices to conduct self healing


Identify your state of mind

When you begin your healing process, find a quite room with fresh air flow or fragrant candles. Sit in a comfortable position with your hands rested by your sides. Now consciously notice 3 things that have been on your mind. It can be any stressful chore or just an errand you want to run. Notice how you feel about those tasks or thoughts in your mind. Pick one at a time and try to think of the worst that can happen, leading to the most positive outcome that you can deal with. This will help you solve your problems immediately and correct your mental energies.

Rhythmic breathing

The key to a successful healing session is rhythmic breathing. The task of breathing has been taken for granted by almost everyone. When in a healing session, it is very important to inhale and exhale rhythmically, till it becomes your routine. When practising breathing, notice the moments of your chest and stomach to help you concentrate better. This will help your mind get off the stressful situation and help your body heal faster.

Run an energy scan

Just like a CT scan, our body has the power to identify the problems it is suffering from and its causes. Sometimes, we avoid normal pain but with these sessions, you can get to the root of this pain and concentrate your energies to specific areas. A mindful session can help you talk to your soul and work along with your mind to heal a particular body part. It also results in an inflow of positive energy, leaving you feeling relaxed and happy. That’s an important aspect of how to conduct self healing and knowing the self in you.

Find your happy place

The most important piece about changing your energies is to think of your happy moment, person or place. These memories should be strong enough to get you a smile even if you are sad in all ways. Every time you feel down due to a physical ailment or a mental one, think of this moment and use it to heal yourself. Different people have different happy places, some find solace while they talk and chat with strangers and share their heart out. If that makes you happy for a moment, try it. If music makes you happy, go for it. Every smallest happiness counts after a traumatic situation like breakup.

Allow the flow of energies

Intuition is the easiest form of energy that we can feel as humans. But being in an environment that does not often support intuition by either clouding your mind with errands or bad memories, we often lose out on this energy which leads us into trouble. With the help of healing, you will be able to identify this feeling of intuitional energy and use it to your benefit. These energies not only drive positivity but also help you stay out of trouble.

With these simple techniques, you can master the art to conduct self healing and overcome from a breakup. The best way to keep these good energies intact is by helping people find happiness as you found yours. Emotional strength and control over self can never be compromised.

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