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Beginner beauty tips
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6 Beginner beauty tips – Drab to Fab

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Your best chance for flawless looking skin starts with good hydrating skincare. If your skin is thirsty and dry it will just drink up any foundation you put on and leave it looking patchy and textured. Making sure you keep up a regular skincare routine suitable for your skin type will help you get that luminous flawless base. However, this won’t happen overnight. Be patient and kind to your skin and you will reap the benefits down the line! And never forget to wash your makeup off at the end of the day. It is so important to let your skin breathe.

Finding the right foundation shade for you

Finding the right foundation can sometimes be harder than it looks! In terms of finding the right colour, you should aim to colour match your foundation to your chest. Quite often we tan (either naturally or with products) our bodies, but not our face so it’s important to match your face tone to your chest to get an even base. Your neck gets more shadow than your chest does so it may not be the best place to get your match. If you do use fake tan on your face it’s important to know that it can have a chemical reaction to your foundation causing it to oxidize (turn darker after application). Your shop assistant should be able to help you find the right product that won’t react with your tan. It’s also important when selecting your foundation to understand what your skin’s undertone is. There are three undertones, Warm, Cool & Neutral (a mix of the two). If you often have a pink flush to your skin you should try a warmer toned foundation to balance it out. Warm tones usually have a yellow/gold undertone, and cool tones usually have a pinkish/blue undertone.

Achieving that dewy skin finish without your foundation slipping or turning too oily.

Want the gorgeous dewy looking finish but scared that it’s going to slip over the course of the day? Never fear there are easy solutions to help make your makeup long wearing and glowing all day long. If you want a supple dewy look, only use translucent powder on the areas of your skin you know get oily. For most people that means the T-zone around your nose, the middle of your forehead and across your chin. Another area worth powdering is under your eyes to prevent creasing. You can then set the rest with setting spray. Using cream products like blush and contour can also help keep the skin looking fresh. If you think the powder has dulled any areas you want to shine you can a little highlighter to bring that luminous glow back. If you are only using minimal setting products, you should avoid touching your face as much as possible to help keep your makeup intact.


Contouring is not the same for everyone and it is not the same as bronzing your face. The purpose of contour is to push back or minimise a feature to make it smaller or sharper. For example we contour our cheeks so that the cheekbones are emphasised, or our chin to reshape our face’s natural shape. As everyone’s face shape is different, different contouring is required. Whatever you contour, will seem smaller and whatever you highlight will be emphasised. So if for example you had a small forehead, you don’t need to contour it, it will only make it appear smaller. Work with your own face shape.

Crisp bold lipstick

Want to know how to get the perfect bold lip every time? It’s simple! Apply your lipstick as usual. To clean up any bumps or uneven lines, take a q-tip with a small amount of micellar on it and use it to remove any unwanted product. Alternatively you can get a small amount of concealer on a nice flat, thin brush and reshape the lip how you want it. These tips can be used separately or together to create the perfect, crisp bold lip.

Hiding those dark circles under your eyes

Not getting enough sleep and the dark circles under your eyes are giving you away? The solution is easy. By using a concealer with a peachy undertone, or orange for darker skin tones, you can cancel out the purple/blue tone your dark circles have created, leaving you looking fresh and well rested!

Want to know more than just the basics?  Check out the range of beauty service courses online. With a Certificate III in Beauty Services, you’ll be ready to up your makeup game and become part of the beauty industry in no time! Be the best you and research beauty courses Australia today!

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