The digital market has grown into a massive channel and the biggest industry in the business world. It is a rise that is going to stimulate both conventional and digital marketers, which means that the advertisement agencies are bound to elevate their game with absolutely engaging and appealing experiences tailored for the masses, predominantly the customers. Since all the marketing strategies are to be carried out on digital platforms, agencies can further improve their results with a reliable and high-speed internet connection.

Amidst this diverse delivery mechanism and risk frittering away their investments in bulk where no TV channel or any media platform ever had a viewership of more than 350 million users out of which just active users are 175 million, so it naturally raises the bar for further and meaningful marketing and branding opportunities in order to stand out and make a .

Although the trends in the digital world are constantly changing, they are still somewhat predictable and offer new things to learn. The existing businesses are in dire need to cope up with the high market demands, particularly the digital transition as the survival of online businesses depends on their flexibility to adopt new trends on an emergency basis due to the fiery competition. Here is a heads up list of all the things to watch out for in order to follow the upcoming digital marketing trends in 2019:

Visual Approach.

When we talk about the online world, it counts all the websites, blogs, marketplaces, social media networking sites, and infinite information. However, not everybody visits websites or marketplaces on a daily basis unless it’s required or necessary and if so, they won’t go back once the work is done. The same rule is applicable on blogs where people who like to read, browse for more relevant content but when it comes to social media, 91% of us at least check 2 apps or social networks daily.

Therefore, the majority of the businesses are marketing on social networking sites as they are more engaging and contain millions of potential customers with whom you can get in touch with. It has been researched and proven that visual content like photos, slideshows, GIFs and video clips get a better response from the masses than simple and plain text content. This is probably because no matter how much research you do and how long you work on the content if it is not visually attractive and rich – it won’t grasp the attention. Also, note that the majority of the user-base belongs to millennials and generation Z who have the shortest attention span. Therefore, if you want to target this market segment, keep the content visually rich and maintain its quality as these are the key ingredients to enhance the readability of your content.

Interactive and Engaging Content.

The first point brings me to another extremely crucial point which is: interactive and engaging content. Certainly, the intention behind posting and designing content is to get it noticed. Unless you get feedback from the right targeted audience; the aim of all the hard work remains unachieved. The intention, mission, and aim of developing the content somehow translate almost the same meaning but they require different layouts.

When you launch your brand online, you hire a business consultant to design, strategize your business plan, and conduct marketing in order to reach the audiences in the most suitable way. So the first and foremost reason for branding is to get the audience’s attention and response in whichever form needed. The content must have an interactive approach which would result in high possibilities of engagement. To do so, you may have to dive into the latest hashtags and news trends to deliver the message in the right direction.

Live Video Streaming.

Online video streaming is one of the most popular activities on the internet worldwide. By seeing the annual statistics of video consumption, it has been predicted that by 2020, the number of digital video viewers in the US is going to exceed 232 million times. As confirmed by insights, the most frequently watched categories of YouTube viewers particularly in the United States were the videos made and uploaded by people associated with brands. Since we have already discussed how the content should be more interactive, engaging and visual – this point highlights and carries all the aforementioned factors.

The cherry on the cake is that it comes with an added feature of sharing the video with followers in real-time which is quite fascinating for most of the viewers as it notifies all the followers and subscribers whenever you go live. Unlike the edited video content, live streaming saves the hustle of editing and beautifying the content. In live videos, everything is instant even the response we get on such videos is addressed in real time. Grab the opportunity to incorporate live streaming for your brand. Make sure that the video content is not too long, dull or boring. Keep it precise and interesting.

Expiration of content.

The latest trend, most significantly introduced by Snapchat, is the expiration of content after 24 hours, starting from the time it went live. This is apparently a new thing because it is on the rise and is being incorporated into main social platforms such as Facebook, Instagram, and WhatsApp. It follows the same pattern of live video streaming but comes with lots more excitement. From marketer’s point of view, it is a good catch because it triggers the short attention span and keeps the customers hooked up. The anticipation is definitely worth investing for.

Measurement and Volume.

With everything digitally available, marketers happened can get valuable insights and see the statistical view of all the content they have posted online. Be it a website, blog, social media platform, app or whatever – everything is crystal clear and the results are easily measurable. This means if the content is not getting a good response, we can improvise and discard the existing problems from future plans. Similarly, if a particular factor of the content is doing exceptionally well online like getting viral or being well received by the audience, it can be followed and used again. This is how the volume can be controlled in the most productive manner. Branding campaigns are becoming more noticeable and reachable to the customers.

Native Approach

By native approach in digital marketing, it is indicated that either you are going for conventional marketing, incorporate that and reach the online masses too. It may not be your priority and you have been investing habitually there – add digital marketing in that plan. Because digital media has now become an unavoidable and inescapable medium when it comes to marketing anything. You may also add native language and native approaches to get a better response as it will endorse the relatability factor.


These are a few notable and rapid trends in the market. For growing and meeting the marketing goals you need to keep in mind the aforementioned trends and implement them in your company to gain an advantage over other companies in the same industry. Instead of spending your money on something that is not measurable in conventional and native marketing – digital marketing outcomes can be evaluated on a daily basis which helps measure everything without having the risk of investing in something blindly.

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