A wedding day is supposed to be the most flawlessly beautiful day of your life. You expect the entire day to go as planned so that you and your partner can have a memorable time.

However, nothing is perfect! What you can do is plan every intricate detail of the day; from the wedding ceremony to the reception. We recommend this great wedding car hire company in London. If you or your partner is planning the wedding with your family and friends, then some mistakes are bound to happen because you may not have the right experience for the job.

So, instead of waiting to be disheartened by unnecessary errors, read ahead to identify some uncommon mistakes and try your best to avert them:

  1. Contingency plan for bad weather

Many brides and grooms forget to have a contingency plan for bad weather; a situation which cannot be predicted but can be avoided by being prepared for it. When you are aware of certain conditions, you can have a plan B for them, like an indoor-cum-outdoor venue if you are expected rain or a little too sunny afternoon. Inclement weather can spoil the entire experience within minutes.

  1. The wedding car

What about transportation? Have you been loaded with so many tasks that you forgot all about it? Well, it’s not too late. It would be an unparalleled moment for both of you if you can surprise him/her with his/her dream car. If you can find the right vendor, who can provide you with a first-class car at desirable rates, then there will be nothing better to end the day.

  1. The first point of contact at the venue

Although you love the adrenaline rush while handling the wedding preps, you may not handle all the responsibilities on the wedding day. You need to get ready; the makeup, the wedding dress and the fun. How are you planning to handle everything and still enjoy the most important day of your life? Yes, it is better to assign some part of your responsibilities to your close friend or a reliable family member, who can be your first point of contact at the venue. He/she can take care of the decor, the wedding cake, guests and other essential things while you get ready to blow the mind of your beloved partner.

  1. Extra seating

It would help if you accepted the fact that some people don’t like to sit with each other. The earlier you realise this, the better it will be for everyone. This is the primary reason why you should have extra chairs at the venue. What if your mother-in-law does not want to sit beside your drunk uncle? What if your best friend comes with a date unannounced? Situations like these can be handled better if you are prepared for them.

  1. Food allergies and dietary restrictions

Most couples forget to consider food allergies and dietary restrictions that their guests have; they only think about themselves and their immediate families. However, it is very risky and perfection-destroying practice, which is why it is advisable to have an allergy & restriction column in your invitation so that when your guests RSVP to the invite, they can also mention their restrictions. You may not be able to arrange special food for everyone, but you can plan it accordingly, i.e. go with the majority and put signs beside the dishes (ingredients) for the minority.

  1. What about overtime?

Have you even discussed the overtime charges of your vendors, i.e. caterers, venue managers and others? Yes, it would help if you could get a quote from all your vendors regarding overtime because what if your ceremony goes off-schedule? Even an hour late is a severe concern for the vendors because some might have planned bookings in the next hour. You can save yourself from a lot of embarrassment by making sure that they don’t leave you stranded on the wedding day if the schedule gets messed up.


You may take every possible precaution to make your wedding day perfect; however, you cannot be prepared for every situation. If you keep in mind all the situations mentioned above and some other ones that your friends & family have experienced, then you can avert many instances that can spoil your entire experience.

May your wedding day be as beautiful as you have envisioned it! Congratulations!


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