6 Gifts for the Golfer in Your Life

You may not be able to play golf year-round, but you can certainly use any occasion to gift these six gifts for the golf lover in your life. These ideas are sure to help them out on the green and also during those months practicing away from the green.

1. Putter

A putter is the most important club in any golfer’s bag. Your putter may stand between par and an eagle. As such, it’s important your golfer has the best putter available. For beginners, this mallet putter offers a new, refined approach to putting. With a superb feel and accuracy, this balanced putter will help your golfer make sure their last putt goes in the hole.

2. SkyCaddie SX500

There is an advantage to being able to see your entire green before you tee off, to avoid any traps which might increase your score. SkyCaddie is a perfect touch screen to help you measure yardage of the whole fairway. Using Dynamic Holevue™, it will reorient as you adjust so you know the entire hole from your point-of-view. No more guessing or trying to see through the trees – you can open your vision to help you get the best score.

3. Golf Cart Seat Cover/Blanket

Your golfer may not get cold often, but sitting in a golf cart while the breeze is blowing, they’ll be grateful you thought to purchase a golf seat cover to go in your golf cart garage. It fits securely over armrests so it securely stays in place when you’re getting on and off the cart. The heavy-duty material with fleece backing is sure to keep the seats warm no matter the weather. You may find out the golfing buddies fight over sharing the seat!

4. Collapsible Chipping Net

While many people may purchase a putting green for those off-season practice sessions, this chipping net will help your golf sharpen their skills for one of the more difficult shots in their golf game. Many people practice their drives and their putts, but few will work on their chip. This collapsible net is perfect for any skill level and arrives ready to use right out of the box. There are three chipping baskets allowing the golfer to be challenged in practice. You may just want to ask your golfer to be careful when using it indoors.

5. Magnetic Ball Marker & Divot Repair Tool

Every golfer knows they need a ball marker and a divot repair tool while on the course. The divot repair tool will be used to repair the grass which may be damaged during a round of golf. It happens to even the absolute best players, so this is an essential tool. The ball marker is magnetic, so you can slip both into your pocket and the ball marker will attach to the repair tool. No more searching for a marker!

6. Blast Golf Swing Trainer

Does your golfer need to improve their swing? Does your favorite golfer need to minimize their number of strokes? Blast Golf Swing Trainer uses a sensor attached at the end of the club as a golf solution. This sensor will track your swings and strokes, allowing you to forget about the technology and simply play your game. The motion is captured and then analyzed to help you learn how to adjust your swing. There are also in-app training tips and drills to increase performance. Your golfer will love this high-tech tool to help solve some issues that have plagued his or her golf game for years!



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